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  • We offer you certainty when you need it
  • We support you in life and death
  • We care about protecting your loved ones
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Great customer service, competitive prices. And everything was explained to me, no pressure.

Great customer service, competitive prices. And everything was explained to me, no pressure.

You can be certain with Beagle Street

At Beagle Street, we guide you through the application process so you can have confidence your application is accurate and that your family will be protected.

We pay out 99.1% of all claims* and we are backed by Scottish Friendly, who have been protecting families for over 150 years.

Beagle Street are a dedicated life insurance provider; our primary care is protecting you and your loved ones. We promise your premiums will never increase, regardless of age or changes to health.

  • Am I covered straight away by my life insurance?When you take out life insurance with Beagle Street, you’re covered from the moment you accept your policy. There’s no need to worry about delays once your payments begin.Continue reading
  • How often do we payout on a claim?In 2021, Beagle Street paid out on 99.1% of claims*. We aim to make our claims process simple, so your family and friends can have peace of mind if they ever need to claim. Our easy claims process is looked after by our expert claims team who will try their best to get your cash lump sum paid out to you as quickly as they can if your claim is valid.Continue reading

We support you in life and death

You will only ever speak to our UK based customer help centre, who can support you throughout the policy and your loved ones should they need to make a claim. All policies include our Estate Planning Kit which will simplify putting your end-of-life affairs in order.

Beagle Street provide an early funeral payout which provides an advance payment to cover the cost of the deceased’s funeral if your pay out is delayed in probate. This will help relieve some immediate financial burdens for your loved ones.

Terminal illness and accidental death are covered as standard with our policies. We also offer critical illness cover to provide added protection against 21 critical conditions such as cancer, heart attack and stroke.

At Beagle Street we care about your loved ones

We don’t just sell life insurance, we provide a life insurance service. Beagle Street protect over 120,000 families and have paid out over £40m in claims.

A search of the official death records is carried out, to ensure no claim goes unseen. We can share policy details with nominated loved ones, so they have the necessary information to make any claim easier for them.

All our claims’ experts have been through our bespoke bereavement training programme to ensure we support your family with the upmost care and compassion.

Policy documents for life insurance

You can view our policy summary plus term and conditions here. These should have all of the information you need but please call our help centre if you have any questions.

Customers reviews

Our customers think we’re “Excellent”

  • Beagle Street has been incredibly easy to use. The staff are knowledgeable and the customer service is second to none. I would recommend Beagle Street to anyone wanting life insurance.

    Lee Beagle Street Customer
  • Documents and the full process fully complete. I thought it was going to be a nightmare, I was stunned by how easy it was. I can now rest knowing that if anything happens my wife and babies are taken care of. Thanks for making it non-stressful Beagle Street.

    Mathew Beagle Street Customer
  • Absolutely brilliant customer service and set up. Been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Claims process simple and even the Chat. I've been recommending Beagle Street to my family, friends and work colleagues. Trustworthy and honest insurance company.

    Nilpa Beagle Street Customer

All policies include our Free Estate Planning Kit

We give you the tools to help put your financial affairs in order should the worst happen.

Simple Will Writing Service

All of our policy holders can write a free simple will through one of our regional partners. A simple will is a will that leaves an estate to a maximum of six beneficiaries without the use of trusts or tax planning. Without a will in place it’s not always clear who you wanted to leave your estate to so it’s important to have one.

Policy In Trust

Using our free trust tool to put your policy into trust means we can pay out your policy without having to go through probate. As such your family will receive their payout much sooner. Putting your policy in trust may also help avoid a potential tax bill if the value of your estate is greater than £325k.

Loved Ones Service

Our loved one’s service helps you share your policy information with those closest to you. We ask for the name and email of your loved ones so we can send them your key policy information to which has everything they need should they need to make a claim.


Legal Advice

All Beagle Street policies include an hour of free legal advice. Our legal partners are on hand if you have any questions about estate planning or inheritance laws. They’ll even help with any other legal questions you may have.

Why Beagle Street FAQ’s

Want to find out more about Beagle Street?

  • Your premiums won’t changeAt Beagle Street we promise your premiums will never increase, regardless of age or changes to health. This gives you the confidence to plan your finances and know you’ll have cover you can afford as long as you need it.Continue reading
  • What is accidental death benefit?Accidental death benefit (ADB) acts as short-term cover when we cannot provide an immediate decision on your life insurance application, as it’s important to have some cover whilst you wait. Continue reading
  • How do I get a gift card?All new customers purchasing a policy directly through Beagle Street are eligible for gift card worth up to £150. You can claim your gift card after your sixth monthly payment.Continue reading

*Beagle Street is backed by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society who, in 2021, paid 99.1% of all their life insurance claims.