Why use Beagle Street?

A simple approach to Life Insurance

Our aim is to make Life Insurance simple for everyone. This means providing you with clear information to make a decision, no matter whether you know exactly what cover you need or if you don’t know where to start.

You can get cover with Beagle Street in just 10 minutes online. Once your policy is created you then have access to your account area where you can view your policy document any time.

Why you can trust us

  • We are a dedicated life insurance specialist.
  • Backed by the security of Scottish Friendly Assurance Society.
  • Beagle Street is part of the BGL Group. BGL provide insurance to over 8.9 million UK customers.
  • Policies and policyholders are FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) protected.


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Cover in just

10 minutes

Simple and affordable


No.1 For Life Insurance

Advantages of Beagle Street Life Insurance

  • 99.1% pay-out to loved ones
    'Beagle Street is backed by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society who, in 2017, paid 99.1% of all their Life Insurance claims.'
  • FREE will writing service
    Provide every new customer with a free Will.
  • FREE tool to place your policy in Trust
    You can choose your trusted family & friends who will be responsible for distributing the pay-out to your loved ones if you die.

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By asking ourselves ‘How can we make Life Insurance less scary and confusing?’ we began looking at ways to turn the Life Insurance market upside down. We provide you with hints & tips for a cheaper life policy, FAQs and a whole host of useful guides. You can work out what you need and how much is right for you with our trusts and calculator tools. With this philosophy we’ve applied the speed, convenience and value of online retail to Life Insurance, providing straightforward cover that’s as affordable as it can be.

Beagle Street is part of the BGL Group, established in 1992. With over 7 million customers and 3,000 employees, we’re one of the UK’s largest personal lines insurance groups. Beagle Street combines a market-leading approach and a partnership with underwriters, Scottish Friendly Assurance Society… one the UK’s most innovative friendly societies, with more than 150 years’ experience, over £990 million assets (as at 31/12/13) and over 400,000 members.

Beagle Street is backed by some of the most trusted names in UK insurance, the BGL Group and Scottish Friendly. We sell Life Insurance to provide protection, not to avoid our responsibilities.

There’s no right or wrong answer, but typically you should consider how long your major financial responsibilities – paying off a mortgage, bringing up children – are likely to last. You can take out our Life Insurance for up to 40 years or until the age of 70.

Jargon Buster

If we can’t cover you straight way, you get Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) free of charge. This is cover while you wait and it pays out if you die due to an accident. We pay-out either £100,000 or the value of your Life Cover (the amount of cover you applied for), whichever is lower.

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This is insurance cover that pays out a sum of money if a policyholder dies within the policy term or is diagnosed with a terminal illness between the policy start date and twelve months prior to the policy expiry date.

Life cover

This is Whole of Life Insurance which is normally used to pay for funeral cover, or to leave family with a lump sum. Typically included within the terms of these policies is a 12-24 period of moratorium – this simply means that the policy won’t pay out (except for an accidental death) if you die within this period. We do not offer a specific over 50s product.

The amount you pay us for cover each month.

The length of time your policy lasts.

Terminal illness cover is often included for free alongside life insurance. It pays out a lump sum, usually the full sum assured, if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and given less than 12 months to live. It isn’t usually available in the last 12 months of your policy.

Trusts are a legal document where a person or a group of people are made responsible for an asset – in this case the Life Insurance pay-out. If you want to learn more we have more information on our trust page. For help building a trust you can use our trust tool. If a policy is placed in trust it will often result in quicker pay-out and may mean your dependents pay less in inheritance tax.


  1. 'Beagle Street is backed by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society who, in 2017, paid 99.1% of all their Life Insurance claims.'