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With 99.8% of all claims paid**, put your loved ones in safe hands. You could get a Gift Card worth up to £100 on new policies.*

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*Minimum premium £10 and gift card value varies depending on monthly premium. You can claim this gift after your 6th monthly payment. Full Terms and Conditions

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Life insurance helps you make sure that your family are looked after, when you’re no longer around. It pays out a lump sum of cash upon your death.

With our life insurance policy, you’re covered straight away, and your family would be supported by our dedicated claims team, who would help them receive their payout as quickly as possible. Our funeral pledge also guarantees your loved ones would receive an early pay out to cover funeral costs, if the unexpected happened.

Early payout for terminal illness

Your premiums are fixed and will not increase

The types of life insurance

Level term life insurance could be right for you if you want a policy which pays a set amount upon your death. The payout and your premiums are agreed when you set it up, and don’t change.

With decreasing term life insurance the amount of cover you choose will reduce over time and the payout you would receive in the event of your death decreases. It’s taken out for a fixed period of time, usually to cover a specific debt, like your mortgage.

Learn more about mortgage cover.

  • Welcome to Beagle Street, where we like to keep things simple.

    We also like to be helpful, so let’s start by clearing up the differences between our life insurance options.

    The first is Level Term. Level term insurance provides the same amount of cover for the duration of the policy, with fixed premiums throughout.

    Nothing changes with this type of policy, and if you make a claim during the term, the pay-out will be the same regardless of when in the term you claimed.

    Next on to Decreasing Term, sometimes referred to as Mortgage Term Life Insurance.

    This type of life insurance is usually taken out to cover a mortgage, and as your mortgage reduces so too does the sum insured.

    The amount paid out also decreases over time in line with your mortgage, whilst the premium remains the same.

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    There’s no medical or blood test and you can receive a free Will worth £150 pounds.*

    *Free Will worth £150 is subject to terms and conditions.

What’s included in our life insurance

Life insurance from Beagle Street is much more than just an insurance policy. Here’s what else is included with your policy.

Terminal Illness Cover

Our life insurance includes terminal illness cover at no extra cost. This means, if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness and given less than 12 months to live, you’ll receive an early payout from your Life Insurance policy, to help relieve any financial stress during such a difficult time.

Quick Funeral Payment

If your family makes a valid life insurance claim, we guarantee to pay up to £5,000 of your total claim value to help them with the cost of a funeral, before the remaining payout is made.

Counselling Support Service

We know that dealing with loss can be incredibly devastating and overwhelming. That’s why our companions service is on hand to provide your loved ones with free bereavement counselling, if they are struggling to cope.

Free Will

We’ve partnered with a will writing service, so that everyone who takes out a Life Insurance policy with us can write their will, at no extra cost.

You could get a Gift Card from a range of retailers worth up to £100

As a welcome gift when you join Beagle Street, we’re offering up to £100 gift card from a range of retailers when you buy a new life insurance policy. Gift card value varies depending on the monthly premium (minimum premium £10).

You can claim this gift after your 6th monthly payment – we will automatically send you an email at this point; simply follow the instructions in this email to claim your gift card. See full terms and conditions here

We’re there for your family, when they really need us

Claiming is never pleasant, but we’re here to support your family, when they really need it. We make sure our claims process is simple. Our expert Claims Team are always right at the end of the phone to guide your family through, and help them to receive your payout as quickly as possible.

We know that losing a loved one can be overwhelmingly devastating, and can affect people in different ways – that’s why our free Companions Service is available to offer your family with bereavement counselling and support, in their time of need.

Samaritans-trained claims handlers

Critical illness cover

A critical illness is a serious condition, like cancer or a heart attack, which could change your life forever. When you buy a policy from Beagle Street, you can add on our critical illness cover, which provides a financial cushion for you and your family to fall back on, if you were diagnosed with a serious condition.

With our child critical illness cover, you can protect your little ones too. Once added to your policy, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll receive a lump sum to support your family, if any of your children were diagnosed with one of the serious conditions listed in your policy.

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  • I found the site easy to use. The life insurance I purchased was easy to understand. And I am very satisfied with my policy.

    Joanne Beagle Street Customer
  • Quick and easy. The cheapest life insurance cover I found online.

    Natalie Beagle Street Customer
  • Easy to set up, got the cover I needed for a very reasonable monthly price. Very happy

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Life insurance FAQs

New to life insurance? Let us guide you through

  • Why should I take out life insurance?Life insurance can help relieve the financial burden on your loved ones if the worst ever happened to you. The payout could cover things like daily living costs or remaining debts like a mortgage.Continue reading
  • How long should I get life insurance for?Think about the reason you've taken life insurance, and who will get the lump sum payout if you died. You might have a young child who chooses to go to university one day, so making sure your life insurance covers that period of time could help provide financial security.Continue reading
  • How much life insurance do I need?The amount of life cover you need should be enough to maintain your loved one’s standard of living if you die. This could help provide your family with financial security for the future.Continue reading
  • How much would your life insurance payout be?As part of your life insurance application, you’ll choose an amount you’d like to be covered for so if you die this will be the cash lump sum your loved ones receive. Continue reading
  • Single vs Joint life insuranceJoint life insurance protects two people under one policy with one monthly payment, but only pays out once if a policy holder dies within the term. Two single policies protect each policyholder separately but will mean paying two premiums each month. Which option is right for you?Continue reading

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*Minimum premium £10 and gift card value varies depending on monthly premium. You can claim this gift after your 6th monthly payment. Full Terms and Conditions

**Beagle Street is backed by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society who, in 2020, paid 99.8% of all their life insurance claims.