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What does Life Insurance cover?

Life Insurance provides a financial pay-out to your loved ones if you die during the policy term. You set the duration of the policy term when completing the application. So if you take out Life Insurance and pass away before the policy ends then a claim can be made.


Do I need Life Insurance?

  • Pays-out a cover amount, set by you, in the event you pass away
  • The amount you pay per month is fixed for both main types; level and decreasing
  • You can cover both you and your partner with one Joint Life Insurance policy
  • You can protect your loved ones in the event you get critically ill with Critical Illness Cover

Types of Life Insurance

There are two main Life Insurance policy types that we provide, Level Term and Decreasing Term (also known as Mortgage Term).

It’s a good idea to consider both Level Term and Decreasing Term cover when getting your Life Insurance quote from Beagle Street, to compare the type of cover available to you, and how this may change your monthly payments.

Level Term

With a Level Term policy the amount you are covered for is fixed over the policy term.

This gives your loved ones the security of a set payout should you pass away within your policy term.

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Decreasing Term

With Decreasing Term the amount you are covered for gets lower over time, meaning your pay-out will be less than the amount you were initially covered for. For this reason Decreasing Term premiums are often lower than those for Level Term, and are used to protect loved ones against debts which you pay off over time, such as mortgages.

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Benefits of Beagle Street

Trust Tool
FREE tool to place your policy in Trust.

Terminal Illness Cover
Terminal Illness cover included as standard.

Accidental Death Benefit
if you don’t get an immediate decision on your policy.

Online Account
Online access to your account, so your policy documents are never lost.

Search Official Records
We actively search official records.

Took out life insurance as my husband and are recently married & have had a child.  Fab service, online policy and written policy sent quickly & efficiently. Would highly recommend.

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33% of people do not consider Life Insurance when applying for a mortgage

Cover you and a loved one with Life Insurance

You have two options if you want to cover you and a loved one with Life Insurance, two separate policies or a single Joint policy.

Two single policies


Two separate policies will cover both you and your partner, and will pay-out on both lives; you may also find that covering the combined policy amount could cost less than a Joint policy.

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One Joint policy

young people life insurance

A Joint policy will cover both you and a partner under one policy, meaning there’s only on one application needed. Joint policies will only pay-out once.

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Critical Illness cover

If you were to become critically ill you may find your costs increase for medical appointments, equipment, lifestyle changes, and it may become too difficult to stay in long-term work. Critical Illness cover gives you peace of mind that if this were to happen you and your family are financially protected, giving you time to get better worry free.

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Cheaper cover when you’re young

The cost of Life Insurance for younger people is significantly cheaper; you could benefit from monthly payments starting from as little as £3 per month for £100,000 life cover [1]. As Term Life Insurance gets increasingly more expensive as you get older it’s good to lock in a lower price while you are younger, because once a policy has been set up the monthly payments for Term Life Insurance never increase during the term of the policy even if you experience health problems later in life!

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Your next decisions:

How much cover do I need?

Don’t know how much cover you need? Use our handy Life Insurance calculator for help.

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What’s different about us?

We make Life Insurance simple, find out some great reasons to buy Life Insurance with Beagle Street.

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Check out our collection of handy guide pages to help answer any further questions you may have about Life Insurance.

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What's different about Beagle Street?

By asking ourselves ‘How can we make Life Insurance less scary and confusing?’ we began looking at ways to turn the Life Insurance market upside down. We provide you with hints & tips for a cheaper life policy, FAQs and a whole host of useful guides. You can work out what you need and how much is right for you with our trusts and calculator tools. With this philosophy we’ve applied the speed, convenience and value of online retail to Life Insurance, providing straightforward cover that’s as affordable as it can be.

How can I be sure you’ll pay out if I have a claim?

Beagle Street is backed by some of the most trusted names in UK insurance, the BGL Group and Scottish Friendly. We sell Life Insurance to provide protection, not to avoid our responsibilities.

Who's behind Beagle Street?

Beagle Street is part of the BGL Group, established in 1992. With over 7 million customers and 3,000 employees, we’re one of the UK’s largest personal lines insurance groups. Beagle Street combines a market-leading approach and a partnership with underwriters, Scottish Friendly Assurance Society… one the UK’s most innovative friendly societies, with more than 150 years’ experience, over £990 million assets (as at 31/12/13) and over 400,000 members.

How long do I need life cover for?

There’s no right or wrong answer, but typically you should consider how long your major financial responsibilities – paying off a mortgage, bringing up children – are likely to last. You can take out our Life Insurance for up to 40 years or until the age of 70.


  1. Beagle Street – £3 per month Life Insurance quote based on an 18 year old, non-smoker, decreasing term cover of £100,000 for 9 years – Prices as of October 16