Privacy & Cookie Policy


1. Data controller

Beagle Street is a trading name of BGL Direct Life Limited (registered number 7810405), an appointed representative of BISL Limited (registered number 3231094). BGL Direct Life Limited and BISL Limited are both part of the BGL Group of Companies and both have their registered office at Pegasus House, Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6YS. BGL Direct Life Limited and BISL Limited are the data controllers in relation to the data you provide on this Website. In this Privacy Policy the following definitions will apply: “We”, “Us” and “Our” means BGL Direct Life Limited and BISL Limited. “You” and “Your” means the person who wishes to use the Website. “Website” means the website at

2. Your rights

You are entitled, on payment of the fee of £10, made payable to BGL Direct Life Limited to see details of the information We hold about You. If any of the information held is inaccurate We will also make any necessary amendments and confirm to You that these have been made. You have the right to request at any time that We cease processing Your personal data for marketing purposes. Further details of how to do this are in Section 5. You are also entitled to ask Us to remove personal information from Our records and if You wish to do this then please write to the Data Protection Officer at BGL Direct Life Limited, Pegasus House, Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6YS so that we may consider your request. Please provide Your full name, policy number, address and date of birth when contacting Us. We reserve the right to amend or modify this Privacy and Cookie Policy at any time. Where this is necessary, We will publish any changes on the Website. We also reserve the right to transfer Our rights under this Privacy and Cookie Policy at any time.

3. Providing data about other people

If You are providing us with another person’s data in connection with Your application You must ask them to also read this Privacy and Cookie Policy. By giving us information about another person you are confirming that they have given you consent to provide the information to us.

4. Quotes, insurance administration and claims handling

We will use your data to send you a confirmation email of your quote. We may also contact you by phone to discuss your quote or provide assistance with your application. Information You supply may be used for the purpose of insurance administration and claims handling by Us or other members of the BGL Group of Companies or suppliers acting on their behalf, the insurer, its agents or re-insurers. In assessing any claims made, insurers may undertake checks against publicly available information such as the Electoral Register and against other sources such as credit reference agencies and fraud or crime prevention databases. Information may also be shared with other insurers either directly or via those acting for the insurer such as investigators. We or the insurers may also exchange information with fraud prevention agencies to help prevent or detect fraud. Where you have instructed an insurance broker or intermediary to set up or manage your policy, we may also exchange information with the insurance broker or intermediary in relation to the administration of your policy

5. Credit checks/data checks

When you request a quote various checks may be undertaken to help the assessment of your quote, to check your identity, help prevent fraud and help us carry out analysis to improve the products and services we provide to you.   We, the insurer or re-insurer may:-

  • Undertake checks against publically available information such as the electoral register, County Court Judgments, bankruptcy or repossession information.
  • Carry out searches against data held by Credit Reference Agencies.
  • Use information relating to you which is provided to Us or the insurer or re-insurer by other parties for example other insurance companies or fraud prevention agencies.
  • Carry out checks against existing data that may be held about you as a customer in relation to other products you have held with Us or the insurer or re-insurer or in relation to any quotations you have obtained in the past for such products.

The data that you provide now may also be used for these purposes if you apply for any further products with Us or the insurer or re-insurer in the future.

6. Marketing and market research

Where You have indicated that You are happy to receive marketing communications, We may use Your information to keep You informed by post, telephone, email or other means of products and services which may be of interest to You. We may contact You in order to conduct such market research. Your information may also be used for the above purposes after Your policy has lapsed.

If You do not wish Your information to be used for marketing purposes, You are able to unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe link in every marketing email we send you; sending an e-mail to; by calling us on 0800 247 247 or by writing to the Data Protection Officer at the address set out in the “Your Rights” section above.

We may also use Your data now and in the future for marketing purposes, to undertake market research and for data analysis work for example we may carry out research to help us to understand and create a customer demographic to help us improve the services that We provide to You and to help us target our advertising so we show customers adverts which may be more relevant to them.   We may sometimes work with carefully selected third parties to do this, for example using advertising services provided by organisations such as Google AdWords and Facebook and may share data with them to carry out this research and analysis. We carry out these activities to help us understand customer behaviour, advertise and improve our services for You now and in the future.    However, we will not sell your data to third parties for them to market to you.

7. Send to a friend

We may, from time to time, offer a functionality on the Website to allow You to send details regarding the Website to a friend. When You provide details of a friend to whom an e-mail is to be sent You confirm the following

  • That You have obtained the consent of Your friend to pass Your friend’s details to Us and for Your friend to receive the e-mail from Us.
  • That You are happy for Us to disclose Your details as the person who asked that We send the e-mail to Your friend.

8. Website comments and feedback

We may, from time to time offer a functionality to allow You to post comments and feedback on to the Website (Your “Comments”). When submitting Comments You will be asked to provide Us with Your name and contact details. The data You provide when submitting Comments will only be used for the administration of the comments and feedback sections of the Website. We may disclose Your name and contact details where We are required to do so under a subpoena or court order, or following any other request (including criminal and civil matters) if We believe that the response is required by law or is reasonably necessary to protect the values and objectives of the Website or other users. We may also disclose Your name and contact details to any third party who is claiming that any Comments posted by You constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights, or of their right to privacy, although We will try to notify You first before doing this by using the contact details You have provided.

9. Sensitive personal data

In order to assess the terms of the insurance contract or administer claims, We will need to collect personal data which the Data Protection Act 1998 defines as sensitive, such as medical history. By proceeding with this contract, You will signify Your explicit consent to such information being processed for the purposes set out in this Privacy and Cookie Policy. You also give consent to us or the insurer contacting your doctor for medical information under the Access to Health Records Act 1990 and the Access to Health Records (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 in the event of your death before the end of your policy.

10. Overseas transfer of data

We and the other companies processing Your data for the purposes mentioned above may from time to time need to undertake some of the processing in countries outside of the European Economic Area which may not have laws to protect Your personal data, but in all cases We will ensure that it is kept securely and only used for the purposes for which You provided it. Details of the companies and countries involved can be provided on request.

11. Use of cookies

The Beagle Street website and some of the emails that We may send to you will use cookies, web beacons, pixel tags or action tags or similar technologies. A cookie is a small text file which we transfer to your hard drive through your web browser when you visit our Website or open certain emails. It enables our own system to recognise you when you visit our Website again and improve our service to you. This information can be used to enhance the content of our Website and make your use of it easier. For information on how you can configure your browser to reject cookies or for information on how to control your online behavioural advertising preferences, please visit Three types of cookie may be used during your visit to Beagle Street.
• Beagle Street session cookies that are deleted after each visit
• Beagle Street persistent cookies are not deleted after each visit
• Third party cookies that are used by our partners, for example, to help us measure site visitors

CookieCookie NamePurposeMore Information
CampaignCode, InterviewToken, Netscaler, UserToken, IsAppStartedForCampaignCode, InterviewToken, nsc, UserToken, IsAppStartedForThese cookies are essential for our website to function and provide customers with their quoteN/A
SplitTest, Personalisation, QuestionsModal PersonalisationHasValueSplitTest, Personalisation, QuestionsModal PersonalisationHasValueThese are internal Beagle Street cookies used for journey testing for different user segments.N/A
Session ID & ASP.NET Authentication Token_unam, ASP.NET_SessionId, PHPSESSID, wp-settings, IsAppStartedFor, UserTokenThese essential cookies are used to maintain state between pages including quote retrieval etc. and to ensure that customers personal data entered on our site is secure
acceptCookiesAcceptCookiesThis cookies tracks whether you have accepted our cookie opt insN/A

Here is a list of some cookies that may be set by our business partners on

CookieCookie NamePurposeMore Information
RedeyeNetOutcome, redeyeWe use Redeye’s software to carry out statistical analysis of page use, page interactions and paths through Beagle This is known as ‘web metrics’. We also capture a customer identifier when Beagle Street registered customers log on to Beagle This information allows us to identify customers and more accurately understand their behaviours and needs. This means that we can more easily tailor offers and information which may be of interest to individuals. We will only send marketing emails when customers have given us permission to do so. Redeye has access to this along with other Beagle Street data, to help increase the relevancy of our direct marketing.
LivePersonLPVID, LPSID, LCKEYThis cookie is used to gather usage data related to a customer’s visit to’s website. The information obtained is essential for determining whether LivePerson’s hosted services should launch on the customer’s browser. This cookie is set when LivePerson’s services are initiated on website. This cookie is a persistent cookie that remains on the customer’s browser for up to 12 months after which time it is automatically deleted.
Double Clickid, DSID, IDEThese cookies are used to collect information from customers who have entered our website via display, pay per click or affiliate advertising. We use the information to track behaviour from this channel through to sale so we can review and improve our online service.
Google AnalyticsNID, CONSENT, _utm, _ga,_gid, dc_utmGoogle Analytics is used to analyse the way customers use the site so that we can constantly make improvements to our service.
Visual Website Optimiservis_opt, vwo_uuid, These cookies are used to enable the optimisation platform to remember a customer and to serve them with the appropriate content while ensuring a fast load of the web page
Affiliate window_awTracking is used by our partners to record affiliate sales enabling the fulfilment of cashback activity to our customers where relevant.
Media IQAnj, icu, sess, uuid2Collects non-personally identifiable information for the following general purposes: improved targeting and optimisation to deliver more relevant advertisements. We may use this to show you relevant adverts when you are browsing third party websites.
Adalyser_adalThese cookies are used to enable optimisation of TV advertising by tracking sessions and conversion timings in relation to TV ad spot air times.
Sessioncamsc.UserIdThe SessionCam reporting console includes the ability to re-sort recorded sessions by unique user. This aggregates multiple visits from the same, unique user over a selected date/time range. This cookie is used to enable this report.
Sessioncamsc.StatusThis cookie is set on the first load of SessionCam to store whether SessionCam is to record the session or not. The cookie also stores data for whether ServiceTick web surveys are configured to launch for this hostname.
Sessioncamsc.ASP_NET_SESSIONIDA recording showing multiple pages visited during a user’s unique visit to a web site is “stitched” together using details provided by this cookie.
Sessioncamsc.ASP_NET_SESSIONIDThis cookie is always set but only used in the specific situation as some of our clients have web sites where the content and functionality is distributed across multiple domain names. This cookie enables the SessionCam reporting console to maintain a view of that user’s session across multiple domain names.
Sessioncamsc.ASP_NET_SESSIONIDThis cookie is set when SessionCam initialises and is only ever used to ensure we can read and write cookies. Once this cookie has been set it is deleted immediately and if the cookie fails to set, SessionCam will not attempt to record.

Other Technologies

Web beacons and pixel tags

These are similar to cookies and allow us to collect information about how you use our website and help us to offer you the best service. We may use web beacons and pixel tags alongside cookies both on our website and in any emails we send to you.
Again, web beacons and tags are commonly used across many websites and do not harm your computer system.

Further information can be found at

If you wish to reject our cookies, you can configure your browser to do so however you may experience difficulties using our website.

12. Information security

The payment site employs enhanced encryption techniques which seek to ensure that all of Your confidential data (such as credit card number, name, address and other information) cannot be intercepted, unscrambled or copied when being transmitted between Our server and yourself.

13. Credit/Debit card information

Credit/debit card information will be processed by Our partners at Cardnet.

14. Law

This Privacy Policy is subject to English Law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.