Life Insurance

Life Insurance provides a financial pay-out to your loved ones if you die during the policy term.

You set the duration of the policy term when completing the application. So if you take out Life Insurance and pass away before the policy ends then a claim can be made.

Level Term

With Level Term Life Insurance, you are securing a set cover amount for as many years as you have the policy.

This means that, should a claim be made on your policy within it’s term, the pay-out will be the same no matter whether the claim is made now or in the future.

Decreasing Term

Decreasing term Life Insurance (often referred to as mortgage term Life Insurance), pays out the outstanding balance of your cover amount, which decreases over time, should you die within the insurance policy cover period.

This type of insurance also covers your family for any other debts you have that could decrease in the future, such as credit card debts or loan repayments.

Critical Illness

It is a condition that impacts your health and with our Critical Illness cover in place, a claim can be made upon diagnosis of one of our covered critical illnesses.

The pay-out can be claimed by the policyholder so it can be used to help you and your loved ones right away.

Our critical illness cover acts as additional protection, meaning critical illness cover can only be added with Life Insurance and not separately.

Beagle Street

Our aim is to make Life Insurance simple for everyone. This means providing you with clear information to make a decision, no matter whether you know exactly what cover you need or if you don’t know where to start.

You can get cover with Beagle Street in just 10 minutes online. Once your policy is created you then have access to your account area where you can view your policy document any time.

Simple and Affordable Life Insurance
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About Beagle Street
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