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Life Insurance
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Get a £100 gift card on new policies over £14 per month*

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99.4% of claims paid in 2018^

You could get cover in 10 minutes***

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Life insurance from Beagle Street

Everyone is different. No matter whether you already know exactly what cover you need or if you don’t know where to start yet, we aim to keep it simple.

With our life insurance, you’re in control. You set the duration of the policy term when completing the application. Whichever policy you decide on, if you take out life insurance and pass away before the policy ends a claim can be made.

No medical or blood test

Our online medical questionnaire takes the information we need to give you a quote, and nothing more.

Free critical illness service

A free, professional service with help from a registered nurse if you're diagnosed with a critical illness and need help during your claim.

No policy goes unclaimed

We actively try not to hold onto money. We regularly search official records looking for unclaimed pay-outs.

Critical illness cover from Beagle Street

With our Critical Illness cover, you can add a one-off lump sum that could be paid out if you develop a serious condition. If you develop a Critical Illness, you might find that you’re unable to work or have increased living costs for treatments, care or equipment.

Your claim with Beagle Street

Claiming is never pleasant, but we’re here to support you in your time of need. Our claims process is straightforward and backed by an expert team who will look to pay out the money as quickly as possible, once validated.

Family and friends won’t have a long, difficult experience with us should the worst happen to you.

Rated “Excellent” on TrustPilot

‘Very easy to use. Fantastic price for life insurance. I would recommend it to anyone.’

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‘Was just like the advert says. Very straightforward, quick and easy.’

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‘Recently purchased the life and critical illness cover, and it was the best value for money I could find anywhere.’

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The story of Beagle & Street

Beagle and Street were both orphaned without life insurance cover early in life, and so set out on a mission to ensure no one else would suffer the same fate. They saw that the nation had its priorities wrong, so they travelled the country to encourage people to talk about life insurance. Then one day, through some strange coincidence, they discovered a life insurance firm called Beagle Street. A company that not only shared their names, but also their values. And so, from then on, Beagle & Street became ambassadors for the only life insurer they’d recommend to the people of Britain: Beagle Street.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need life insurance?

Life Insurance is all about planning for the unexpected. Consider if your family could financially cope if you were to die or become critically ill and unable to work. Our policies are in place to provide your loved ones reassurance for whatever the future holds.

What happens if I die?

Whilst it’s never easy thinking about death, a life insurance pay-out could cover your funeral costs and support your loved ones in their time of need. We regularly search records for links to loved ones, so if they’re unaware of your policy with us we’ll be able to alert them.

What Critical Illnesses are covered?

With our Critical Illness cover in place, a claim can be made upon diagnosis of one of our covered critical illnesses. Based on best practice guidelines we cover a range of specific critical illnesses, including the more common serious illnesses, such as cancer and heart attacks. You can find the full list of critical illnesses that would be covered in your policy here.

Am I covered straight away?

If you take out a policy with us you’ll be covered immediately so there’s no need to worry about a delay after payment.

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*£100 Gift Card full terms and conditions

**Free will-writing service Terms and Conditions apply

***You could get cover in under 10 minutes – our data shows that of all policies purchased online between 1st July to 18th November 2019. 20% of customers took less than 10 minutes to complete the application.

^Beagle Street is backed by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society who, in 2018, paid 99.4% of all their life insurance claims.