What Does My Critical Illness Insurance Cover?


What Critical Illnesses does my policy cover?

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With our critical illness cover we cover a wide range of specific critical illnesses. Based on best practice guidelines we include the more common serious illnesses, such as cancer and heart attacks. Below, you can find the complete list of Critical Illnesses we cover. The full definitions of the illnesses covered and the circumstances in which you can claim are given in the Policy Terms and Conditions.

Alzheimer’s disease before age 65Resulting in permanent symptoms
Aorta graft surgeryFor disease or trauma
Benign brain tumourResulting in permanent symptoms
BlindnessPermanent and irreversible
CancerExcluding less advanced cases
ComaResulting in permanent symptoms
Coronary artery by-pass graftsWith surgery
DeafnessPermanent and irreversible
Heart attack
Heart valve replacement or repairWith surgery
HIV infectionCaught in the UK from a blood transfusion, a physical assault or at work in an eligible occupation*
Kidney failureRequiring dialysis
Loss of hands or feetPermanent physical severance
Loss of speechPermanent and irreversible
Major organ transplant
Motor neurone diseaseResulting in permanent symptoms
Multiple sclerosisWith current symptoms
Paralysis of limbsTotal and irreversible
Parkinson’s diseaseResulting in permanent symptoms
Third degree burnsCovering either 20% of the surface area of the face or body
Traumatic head injuryResulting in permanent symptoms

The following Extra Critical Illnesses will also be included if a policy includes a Critical Illness benefit. The Insurer will also pay the lower of £20,000 or 20% of the Critical Illness sum assured. These headings are only a guide to what is covered. The full definitions of the illnesses covered and the circumstances in which you can claim are given in the Policy Terms and Conditions.

Low Grade Prostate Cancer
Carcinoma of the breastRequiring surgery
Crohn’s DiseaseSevere
AngioplastyDouble vessel
Ulcerative ColitisRequiring surgery

*The eligible occupations for HIV caught at work are: The emergency services – police, fire, ambulance, The medical profession – including administrators, cleaners, dentists, doctors, nurses and porters, the armed forces.