Beagle Street launches Be Like Mike TV advert


Online life insurance specialist Beagle Street is taking to TV screens with a new animated direct response ad by DR TV commercial production experts Space City.

The 40-second spot, being rolled out nationally from Monday, 1 August 2016, features family man Mike, his partner, their two “reasonably well behaved” children and, of course, their much-loved beagle.

The voiceover outlines the key benefits of Beagle Street’s proposition – including simple, affordable life cover from £3 a month [1], with an easy application process taking around 10 minutes, and no need for a medical or blood test – before suggesting that viewers should “Be like Mike” and get covered to help make sure their family is protected.

The TV ad encourages direct response via the simple, memorable phone number 0800 247 247, while the web version encourages users to click straight through to for an immediate quote.

The commercial, in which Mike uses his smartphone to seek a life insurance quote, forms part of Beagle Street’s developing direct sales-focused strategy, and is intended to be complementary to the popular brand-building adverts featuring neurotic talking beagle Jeremy.

The advert stresses the differentiation of Beagle Street in the life insurance market and allows the brand to talk about its key benefits in a clear and direct way.

Matthew Gledhill, managing director of Beagle Street, comments:

We know from our customer insight that many people put off buying life insurance because they worry that it will be a long and complicated process.

“With this new advert, we’re really keen to emphasise just how straightforward and stress free Beagle Street have made it to get covered, with cover available in less than ten minutes – and at a cost that’s typically up to 35% lower than a comparable policy elsewhere.”

The ad can be viewed via this link: Be like Mike – Beagle Street Life Insurance TV Advert

Prices correct as of time of press release (29th July 2016)

  1. From £3 a month: figures based on an 18 year old, non-smoker with £40,000 decreasing term policy over 15 years. Prices at April 16
  2. Up to 35% cheaper: average across 13 providers, Independent prices as published MoneyFacts April 2016. Figures based on 20-55 year olds, smoker and non- smoker, £100,000 level or decreasing term, for 20 and 30 years

Originally released: 29th July 2016