The average Brit should have their life under control and “sorted” by the age of 39, according to a new study


Researchers polled the nation to discover the ages we think we should have our career, love and social lives in order, with Brits insisting we should be settled a year before we hit the big 4-0. According to the study by Beagle Street Life Insurance, we should also have met and fallen head over heels in love with “the one” by the age of 31.

However, in reality most of us still feel we’re a long way off having our life on track, with 44% saying they didn’t think they would ever have their lives completely sorted. A further 25% admitted their love life was a complete and utter disaster. In fact, 74% of the adults polled admitted they spend more time working out how to put things off than dealing with the hectic realities of modern life.

The majority of us (55%) are a well-meaning bunch who plan to get their life in order but just never get organised enough to actually do it. Almost two in ten (16%) of those polled claim they just don’t want to get bogged down with serious “adult” worries, while a further 13% take the mañana approach – meaning they’ll worry about it “tomorrow”.

Meanwhile 14% of 18-29 year olds polled said they were too young to worry about the future and just wanted to concentrate on having fun in the here and now.

Matthew Gledhill, Managing Director of Beagle Street Life Insurance, which commissioned the study, said:

“I’m sure these survey findings will ring true with a lot of people. Life goes by at such a pace it’s often hard to get on top of our routine life admin, let alone making sure that we’re ‘living our best lives’. 

“Yet almost two thirds of people worry about the effect this lack of control could have on their loved ones. While we reflect on the year just gone and look ahead to the next, perhaps it’s time to refocus on our priorities in life and make 2019 the year we get ourselves sorted!”

The majority of adults (78%) said they struggle to keep on top of the sheer amount of life admin they have to deal with, with 23% saying they find it hard to keep family life on track and a further 16% saying it’s their career that they struggle to stay on top of.

And according to the study a staggering 82% of Brits said they wished they had put more time into planning for the future.

When life does throw us a curve ball the person we’re most likely to turn to is our partner (51%) closely followed by our friends (32%), with a quarter of us turning to our mums (rising to over half of under 30s).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, women emerged as the sex who are better at staying in control of their lives (73%), while just 27% said men were top at being organised.

36% of those surveyed said you get better at life as you get older, while 78% said that being in a steady relationship was the recipe for success in life – although, perhaps surprisingly, 22% said they were less in control now they were in a relationship, saying they had more time when they were on their own.

Originally released: December 2018