Children’s Critical Illness cover


Why you might need to cover your child

If your child were to become critically ill then the cost of looking after them could increase. These costs may include medical appointments, medical equipment for your home, a carer or any lifestyle changes that need to be made. It’s also highly likely that you may need to take unpaid leave from work to care for your child.

What is children’s critical illness cover?

Child Critical Illness cover means that if your child becomes ill with a condition listed by us (see here for a list of critical illnesses we cover), then we will pay a lump sum to you to help support your family during that time. This amount is calculated depending on the level of critical illness cover you have taken out for yourself with your life insurance policy.

Child Critical Illness cover is not a standalone product, it must be added to the life insurance policy of a parent or guardian. If your child has a condition, then the main policyholder (the parent or legal guardian of the child) can make a claim.

How to get children’s critical illness cover

In order to get your children covered, you can do so in three simple steps:

  1. Complete an application for life insurance for yourself and/or your partner
  2. Add critical illness cover at the time of application at an amount set by you
  3. When you’ve been given a final quote price by us, add child critical illness which is calculated dependant on your chosen critical illness cover amount

How much cover can you provide for my child?

The amount for Child Critical Illness cover is 25% of the main policy holders critical illness cover amount and we will pay out up to a maximum of £25,000.

Currently, we describe this as follows: We will pay the lower of £25000 or 25% of the adult CI sum assured for Child CI.

For Example:

  • If you were to take out £100,000 worth of Critical Illness cover for yourself and add on child Critical Illness cover, then the maximum pay out you could receive on behalf of a Child Critical Illness claim would be £25,000
  • The pay-out amount would also be £25,000 if you had £200,000 worth of Critical Illness cover

How many children can I cover?

  • We can pay one claim per child and this will automatically cover all children born after the policy is taken out (no need to notify us).
  • There’s also no maximum number of children you can cover

To see further information on Child Critical illness, see the terms & conditions page.