Switching your Life Insurance


Why you may consider switching

When you first set up your Life Insurance policy it’s important to choose the right cover for you, and at a monthly premium that meets your budget. It’s worth reviewing your policy on a regular basis to make sure you are still getting value for your money, whilst meeting your cover needs.

Life Insurance policies typically last for a number of years and over time a lot can happen meaning the cover you have may no longer financially protect you in the way it once did. If you have experienced a life event such as having more children or upgrading the family home, then the level of financial responsibility you have may increase. This could be a good time to review your Life Insurance policy, take a look at our cover amounts.

The ease of switching to Beagle Street

For those of you who have ever had to switch your car or home insurance, you will know it can often be a difficult and time consuming process that can result in charges. Well, we’re here to make Life Insurance simple.

Your Life Insurance policy is very much like a rolling month on month contract. All you need to do is contact your insurer and let them know you want to cancel.

Leaving your current provider?

If you wish to make a change or cancel your policy, simply contact your provider and they will talk you through it. It may be that you cannot amend the details in your policy once it has been created, but your provider will be able to confirm this for you. Don’t forget to keep your existing policy intact until you have been accepted elsewhere otherwise you could risk going without cover while in the process of switching.

Leaving Beagle Street?

If you would like to cancel your Beagle Street policy then just let us know by calling our team on 0800 247 247 (Monday – Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 10am-3:30pm) or by email at enquiries@beaglestreet.com.

We want to get your feedback on any part of our service that we can improve on. If you do cancel the direct debit without letting us know then we may give you a call to hear your thoughts. After the policy has been cancelled you will received a written letter in the post confirming this.