Job’s a goodun’

As a rule, your job doesn’t affect your Life Insurance and we don’t ask what you do for a living, however there are some occupations which obviously increase the risk of death and which we may ask you about.

Is my job ‘High risk’?

Just because you fit this criteria doesn’t mean that your premiums will be more expensive, but we will take it into account.

  • Armed forces
  • Non-military aviation
  • Commercial diving
  • Offshore gas or oil
  • Offshore fishing
  • Work above heights of 15 metres
  • Work involving explosives

If you have changed jobs in recent years and no longer work in one of these areas there’s a chance you could be paying too much for your Life Insurance. It may be worth getting a new quote to see if you could save yourself money each month.

Remember, you could put your Life Insurance pay-out at risk if you lie about your status, so be honest with us.

What else do we take into account?

See what we have to say about BMI and your smoker status for further information as to how we calculate your cover price.