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Get a Gift Card worth up to £100 plus a free Beagle Soft Toy^

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Get a Gift Card worth up to £100 plus a free Beagle Soft Toy^

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What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a policy to protect your family and dependants’ financial security by leaving them a lump sum if you pass away. 

With Beagle Street you are insured from the moment you purchase your policy, meaning you will have the peace of mind that those you care about most will be looked after. 

This will help them continue their lives once you are gone and protect the legacy you were building for them. 

  • How much life insurance do I need?The amount of life cover you need should be enough to maintain your loved one’s standard of living if you die. This could help provide your family with financial security for the future.Continue reading
  • How long should I get life insurance for?Think about the reason you've taken life insurance, and who will get the lump sum payout if you died. You might have a young child who chooses to go to university one day, so making sure your life insurance covers that period of time could help provide financial security.Continue reading

How does life insurance work?

Life insurance pays out a lump sum when you die so you know those you leave behind can be financially secure. You can select the cover amount and policy duration based on your unique circumstances and what you’re looking to protect.

Some of our customers choose policies just to cover their mortgage to ensure their family could keep their home if you died, this is called decreasing term cover. Others prefer to leave a cash sum to give their children a good start in life without them, this is called level term cover.

There’s not a one size fits all approach to life insurance, that is why we give everyone the choice to tailor their cover amount and policy duration based on what you want to protect.

Why should I take out life insurance?

Everyone has their own reasons for taking out life insurance, but typically it is because they have someone who would be financially impacted by their death. This could be used for:

Protect your home

Paying for your home is often the biggest debt in your life. Life insurance can help to pay off your mortgage or cover your rent, to ensure your family could keep your home if you died.

Funeral costs

Upon your death, your family will be left with unexpected expenses such as funeral costs. Life insurance can cover these costs and provide your loved ones peace of mind.


If you have any debts or joint loans that your family would need to cover if you died, they can be paid off with your life insurance.

Bills and essentials

If your family would struggle to pay the bills without your income, life insurance can protect your loved ones and ensure the essential expenses are covered.

Should I get a single or joint policy?

A single life insurance policy only covers the policy holder and will therefore only pay out if they die, whereas joint life insurance covers a second person under the same policy.

A joint policy is typically cheaper than two separate policies although you can only make one claim on the policy. These are suitable for several circumstances such as a mortgage, shared debt or responsibility.

Some couples prefer to have two single life insurance policies, which ensures the surviving partner still has cover after the first death. These policies are more common where there is a child or dependent.

How much does life insurance cost?

Our premiums vary depending on the length, type of policy and amount of cover you need as well as your personal circumstances such as age, health and lifestyle.

The length of cover

The length of your cover depends on what you would like to protect. Everyone is different; some customers will purchase a policy aligned to the length of their mortgage, whereas others will select a policy that provides a pay out until their children can fend for themselves.

The type of policy

The type of policy you choose can affect your life insurance premiums. Level term policies are usually more expensive, as the pay-out stays the same. Decreasing policies tend to be cheaper as the amount of cover decreases over the course of the policy in the same way your debt decreases.

The amount of cover

The amount of cover you need should be based on your unique circumstances and your reasons for getting it. Some people want to protect a their house, some people want to leave a deposit for their children. Everyone is different, that’s why at Beagle Street you can tailor your policy to the needs of you and your loved ones.

Your health and lifestyle

Premiums vary depending on your personal circumstances such as age, health and lifestyle. These matter as they impact the chances of you developing a critical illness that could lead to death. We base our premiums on the likelihood of this happening although sadly life isn’t as straight forward as this which is why healthy people still need life insurance.

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Included with every Beagle Street policy

  • Early funeral payout
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  • Early funeral payout
  • Amazon Gift Card^
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Life Insurance FAQs

New to life insurance? Let us guide you through

  • Am I covered straight away by my life insurance?When you take out life insurance with Beagle Street, you’re covered from the moment you accept your policy. There’s no need to worry about delays once your payments begin.Continue reading
  • How much life insurance do I need?The amount of life cover you need should be enough to maintain your loved one’s standard of living if you die. This could help provide your family with financial security for the future.Continue reading
  • When should I take out life insurance?There’s no right or wrong time to get life cover, but even young adults could benefit from the peace of mind and financial security it provides. People often consider taking out life insurance during key moments or big changes in life: buying a house, getting married and having children.Continue reading
  • Your premiums won’t changeAt Beagle Street we promise your premiums will never increase, regardless of age or changes to health. This gives you the confidence to plan your finances and know you’ll have cover you can afford as long as you need it.Continue reading

*Based on a 30 year old non-smoker, £200k decreasing term cover for 20 years

**In 2022 Beagle Street was underwritten by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society, who paid 99.4% of all their life insurance claims. From 19th September 2023 Beagle Street insurance policies are underwritten by Family Assurance Friendly Society Limited.

^Available only when purchasing a policy directly through Beagle Street. Within 30 days of paying the 2nd monthly payment, the soft toy will be dispatched. The gift card value varies depending on monthly premium. Within 30 days of paying the 6th monthly payment, you will receive an email to claim your e-gift. Full Terms and Conditions