Graduate Profile – Ellie Anderson

Education: Northumbria University

Degree: Marketing Management

Joined BGL: September 2015

Joined Beagle Street: September 2016 (3rd rotation) in an eCommerce and marketing role

I’m Ellie, a graduate from Northumbria University, and my BGL journey began in September 2015 when I joined the BGL Group as part of the Marketing Graduate Scheme.

The BGL Graduate Programmes offer opportunities within Marketing, Finance and Technology. As part of the scheme, graduates are able to rotate throughout BGL’s portfolio of brands, offering a variety of experiences in different business models and markets.

I originally applied to the scheme as I wanted to challenge myself in a fast-paced, digitally focused environment with the opportunity to work in range of brands, from well-established market leaders to start-up companies looking to expand and disrupt the industry. Additionally, the graduate programmes centre on looking for ‘leaders of tomorrow’ and this idea of career progression and gaining valuable leadership skills, definitely reaffirmed that this was the right scheme for me.

My time at BGL

For my first two rotations within the group, I was placed at gaining key experiences in the Digital Team & Brand Team respectively. My time within the business even culminated in a trip to Coronation Street to watch the meerkat sponsorship ads being filmed.

Now on my final rotation within the group, I am working with the eCommerce & marketing team at Beagle Street, assisting in improving site performance as well as managing key marketing channels, such as PPC. From day one within the company, I have been given real responsibility and ownership, which has been extremely beneficial for my development. Beagle Street is constantly striving for growth and innovation, therefore it’s a really great business unit to be in and one of the most coveted rotations on the scheme.

At Beagle Street, I have also been able to work with a range of different agencies specialising in key areas of marketing, which has allowed me to broaden my knowledge as well as expand my professional network. What’s more, graduates at BGL are encouraged to get involved in a range of CSR activities; most notably with the Princes’ Trust, where the graduates were able to support local people in their own development. For our most recent activity, a team of graduates organised workshops on CV & Interview skills, and how to leverage social media platforms to help secure employment.

Tips for Applying

On a whole, the BGL Group is analytically focused and despite being arguably most well-known for its innovative marketing campaigns, each role at BGL involves effective use of analytics and tracking key metrics to effectively understand overall performance. At Beagle Street analytics are utilised on a daily basis to measure and report performance, therefore if you’re looking to apply to the scheme, I’d definitely recommend brushing up on Excel and Google Analytics if possible!

It’s also worth reading up on the schemes in order to see which would suit you best. However, above all, if you’re passionate about one of the areas of the schemes and are an ambitious graduate looking for a challenging, fast-paced role in a dynamic environment- the BGL Group may be the perfect place to kick-start your career.

Written November 2016