Graduate Profile – Alex Robins

Education: University of Hull

Degree: Marketing

Joined BGL: September 2015

Joined Beagle Street: March 2016 (2nd rotation) in a User Experience role in the eCommerce team

Why I applied

What attracted me to the scheme was the opportunity to continue growing my passion into a career by working in a growing Digital company with large ambitions.

There are many opportunities to rotate around a large business, this not only meant exposure to different roles, but also being able to immerse myself in the different cultures within the group; and work with brands which have great characters such as Jeremy the Beagle!

Getting to undertake a globally recognised qualification, the CIM professional diploma in marketing, is a great addition to the already comprehensive management training scheme offered to graduates.

Life at Beagle Street

I have really enjoyed my time at Beagle Street, the culture of a start-up business mixed with the opportunity to work with experts in their field make this a great place to work.

In my role at Beagle Street I had the opportunity to work over a wide scope of eCommerce projects, and have a real influence over changes; which meant no two days were the same. I learnt about SEO and content writing, how to optimise the customer journey using data analysis, which also allowed me to work closely with our in-house designer on some key content pages on the website and create some bespoke landing pages to Conversion rate Optimise our search traffic.

SEO Rotation

Within my time here I got to work with our SEO manager and a couple of leading agencies in the financial services market to produce product-related content which meant conducting my own research into keywords, and then working with the SEO manager and Product team to produce briefs based on my ideas. I then had the opportunity to write the on-site content, and then went on to build the web-pages myself; so I really managed the process end-to-end. As with anything in eCommerce it’s all about iterating based on data, and so I also then optimised pages by looking at keyword trends.

Marketing Experience

I got to work with our Marketing team to look at optimising conversion through our Digital Marketing channels by creating landing pages with bespoke content to engage customers. This was a great project to lead on, and meant organising the collaboration of two departments to produce some great results!

I even got the opportunity to work with our Business Partnerships brand Junction whilst they were in the process of landing a prestigious client to ‘white label’ our product, and was involved in meetings with senior members from the group in the planning and scoping of future work.

CRM Management

I also worked with our Data and CRM manager on scoping an email series to engage customers who had got a quote on our website and not converted. I worked with our Design manager to change the look and feel of some key content pages on our website to optimise for conversion.

So I’ve had the opportunity to really develop my knowledge in a wide range of Digital functions, and I’d recommend for any graduate to get involved with as much as possible whilst you’re at this stage of your career to make sure you maximise your potential!

Outside of eCommerce Beagle Street offers great opportunities if you’re ambitious and looking for a career as a digital or marketing leader with roles in: Brand & Communications, and Marketing Planning.

Tips when applying:

For any telephone interview and the assessment centre make sure you’ve have a few questions lined-up on a wide range of BGL’s brands. Mentioning a recent article, or taking an interest in the projects happening with brands, such as Beagle Street, shows you’ve gone that step further and will really impress on your interview. As you’ll get a wide range of opportunities make sure that your passion to learn and ambition in career comes across!

Written August 2016