Graduate Profile – Danielle Taylor

Joined BGL: September 2013

Joined Beagle Street: September 2013 (1st rotation) in a General Marketing role across the eCommerce and Marketing teams

Life at Beagle Street

I joined Beagle Street as my first marketing graduate rotation at BGL. I arrived at a time when Beagle Street was just beginning with B2C marketing, so it was a great opportunity to get involved in a range of activities across Marketing and Ecommerce – at a very early stage for the brand. This meant that every day was different: my day to day work would range from attending creative agency workshops to constructing new email communication plans. And working in a small team for a new brand gave me the great opportunity to experience a brand being built from scratch.

BGL Graduates and in particular those lucky enough to join Beagle Street will have the opportunity to get involved in exciting and fundamental marketing activities that truly make a difference to the future of the business. My tip for any graduate joining is to get stuck in!

The best thing about the graduate scheme is that it doesn’t end there. If you work hard and prove yourself you will have real career progression opportunities post scheme. After finishing my last graduate rotation last year, I had the opportunity to return to Beagle Street as a Marketing Planning Manager, and have since supported the Marketing Director in building the 15/16 Marketing strategy.

Written August 2016