Life Insurance without a medical exam

Can I get Life Insurance with no medical records?

When applying for a Life Insurance policy you may need to provide your medical records to an insurance providers before they can accept you. With some insurance providers this requirement is taken on a case-by-case basis, and is dependent on your current health and how much cover you want.

At Beagle Street we believe in offering simple and affordable Life Insurance without a medical exam, and so we don’t ask you to provide us with your medical records as part of our online application process. Saving you the hassle and costs which are usually associated with getting this from your GP.

Do I have to pay for my medical exam when getting Life Insurance?

The NHS service ‘Patient Online’ allows you to access an online copy of your medical records free of charge, 24/7. To get a copy of your medical records you must make a formal Subject Access Request, either in writing or by email; for which you will incur an administration fee of up to £50.

The great thing about choosing Beagle Street for Life Insurance is that you won’t need to pay for your medical records during the application process, as we will ask you all the medical questions we need to know during our online application process. To see how much Life Insurance could cost you why not fill out a quick quote online, this could take under just a minute!

Can I get Life Insurance with no medical questions?

When applying for online Life Insurance the questions you will be asked will differ per insurance providers, but typically these will mainly be medical questions. For example, they will want to know your lifestyle habits such as your smoker status, and any current medical conditions you may have. You may also be asked to give details about your family’s medical history.

With Beagle Street, just because you will not be asked to provide your medical records it doesn’t mean that you will be automatically accepted for a Life Insurance policy with us, as we, as with all insurance providers, will still require you to answer our online medical questions. The best way to find out if you are eligible for cover with Beagle Street is to fill out one of our free Life Insurance quotes with no medical exam required to complete the online application, you could get cover in just 10 minutes.

How to answer Life Insurance medical questions

The best way to answer medical questions when applying for Life Insurance is accurately and honestly, otherwise you could invalidate your policy when making a claim.

Although medical records are not required when applying for Life Insurance through Beagle Street, having an online copy of your medical records to hand may help you to answer some of our questions. When applying you will be asked if you are awaiting any medical investigation or test, which if you are could defer the acceptance of your policy. No need to worry if this happens, you can save your application and come back once you’ve found out the results; your quote will be valid for 30 days, or until you next birthday.

Took out life insurance as my husband and are recently married & have had a child.  Fab service, online policy and written policy sent quickly & efficiently. Would highly recommend.

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Advantages of Beagle Street

  • 99.1% pay-out to loved ones
    'Beagle Street is backed by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society who, in 2017, paid 99.1% of all their Life Insurance claims.' [1]
  • FREE will writing service
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  • FREE tool to place your policy in Trust
    You can choose your trusted family & friends who will be responsible for distributing the pay-out to your loved ones if you die.

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Accessing medical records

How to request my medical records

You can view an online version of your medical records at any time. Following the Data Protection Act 1998, you can request a copy of your medical records at any time; which your medical practitioner will have. To get a copy of your medical records you must make a formal Subject Access Request, either in writing or by email.

Beagle Street will request access to your medical records when your family  makes a claim on your policy in order to ensure they are paid the full amount they are entitled to. For more information on the legislation on access to your medical records, see the Data Protection Act 1998.

We have a full guide on how to make a claim and when.

Who can access my medical records?

Whilst you’re alive no one can access your medical records without your consent, other than health professionals and those who you have given the right to act on your behalf legally such as those with Lasting Power of Attorney.

Life Insurance companies, such as Beagle Street, cannot access any of your medical information without your consent and we will always ask for you to provide your consent to us, as we’ll need this information in the case of a claim.

How to access medical records after death

After a person has died, their medical records are passed from their GP to Primary Care Support England, which is where their family will need to make a formal application to. Under the Access to Health Records Act 1990, after their death only the executor of their will, or potentially someone with a claim to their estate, may freely access this information; and this evidence will need to be provided in an application.

At Beagle Street we will provide all the relevant forms to the claimant to proceed with a claim. This will include a request for us to access the medical records of the policyholder, which means you can sit back and relax as we’ll do all the work to contact the provider.

If for whatever reason you do need to access the medical records of someone who has deceased then the easiest way to access these medical records is for the executor of the will, or if there is no will, the administrator, to apply on behalf of any claimants; as providing evidence is more straightforward. Typically a patient’s records are held for 10 years following their death before they are then destroyed.

To download the relevant application form, and to locate the office where you should submit your request, you can visit the official Primary Care Support England site.

If you do not fall under either of the previous two categories you must submit an application to the deceased’s GP with: a valid reason, legitimate relationship, or evidence that this is in the public interest. However, there is no guarantee your application will be accepted as each case is reviewed on an individual basis.

About Life Insurance


What does Life Insurance cover?

Life Insurance offers financial protection to your loved ones in the event of your death; which means they may be able to continue to maintain the same lifestyle. Life Insurance can be used to cover debts such as your mortgage or your lifestyle. With Joint Life Insurance you can even cover the life of you and your partner.

Another great benefit of having a Life Insurance policy with Beagle Street is that you are also covered for Terminal Illness as standard, which will pay-out where you have been diagnosed with a condition by a GP with less than 12 months to live. This is different from Critical Illness cover, which you can buy alongside your Beagle Street Life Insurance policy. See how much this could cost you.

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Does Life Insurance cover medical bills?

Typically Life Insurance will only offer financial protection in the event of death, however Critical Illness cover may also be available to you and provide a pay-out if you are diagnosed with a condition. You can check which conditions are covered with the insurance provider; and ensure that you select the level of cover and/or extra protection options that you require.

We have lots of helpful guides if you want to find out more about the Critical Illness cover offered by Beagle Street.

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  1. 'Beagle Street is backed by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society who, in 2018, paid 99.4% of all their Life Insurance claims.'