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  • Protect your family for less than £6 a month*
  • Free Estate Planning Kit
  • Up to £100 Gift Card and a free Beagle Soft Toy^
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You could get a Gift Card from a range of retailers worth up to £100 plus a free Beagle Soft Toy^

Amazon giftcard

You could get a Gift Card from a range of retailers worth up to £100 plus a free Beagle Soft Toy^

Beagle cuddly toy

Life Insurance

For your family’s future

Our loved ones are what makes a house a home, so the thought of not being around can be a daunting one. With life insurance from Beagle Street, you are insured from the moment you purchase your policy, giving you time to focus on starting your next chapter and settling into your new home. 

  • Over 99% of all claims paid** 
  • No policy fees and cancel at any time  
  • Your premiums will never increase, regardless of age or changes to health 

Estate PlanningFree Estate Planning Kit

Estate planning isn’t exciting but it’s very important. That’s why at Beagle Street we provide you with the tools you need to put your affairs in order.

Simple Will Writing Service

All of our policy holders can write a free simple will through one of our regional partners.

A simple will is a will that leaves an estate to a maximum of six beneficiaries without the use of trusts or tax planning. Without a will in place, it’s not always clear who you wanted to leave your estate to so it’s important to have one.

Policy In Trust

Using our free trust tool to put your policy into trust means we can pay out your policy without having to go through probate. As such your family will receive their payout much sooner.

Putting your policy in trust may also help avoid a potential tax bill if the value of your estate is greater than £325k.

Loved Ones Service

Our loved one’s service helps you share your policy information with those closest to you. We ask for the name and email of your loved ones so we can send them your key policy information to which has everything they need should they need to make a claim.

Legal Advice

All Beagle Street policies include an hour of free legal advice. Our legal partner, RAC Legal Services, is on hand if you’re facing a legal problem and don’t know which way to turn. The team of advisors can provide guidance on any legal issue; support is only a phone call away.

Types of Life Insurance

What life insurance is best for me?

Some of our customers choose policies just to cover their mortgage to ensure their family could keep their home if the worst happened, this is called decreasing term cover. The cover is designed to help towards paying off reducing debts such as a mortgage, should you pass away before you have finished paying it off.

The aim is to provide you with a cheaper alternative to level term cover, which offers the same pay-out no matter when the claim is made during the policy term.

Customer Reviews

Our customers think we’re “Excellent”

  • Open and honest life insurance - what’s more to ask for? It covers my mortgage incase I die and will pay it off in full which will leave my family covered and not wondering where to find the next mortgage payment. Great customer service and I love their automated service! If you haven’t rung give it a go!

    Adam Robertshaw Beagle Street Customer
  • Getting the insurance online was quick and easy, cheapest we could find and gives us the reassurance that if anything were to happen to either of us our girly will be able to pay the mortgage and take care of herself 😊

    Eleri Griffiths Beagle Street Customer
  • I just bought a house and I had a responsibility to make sure my partner could make the mortgage payments should anything happen to me. As I'm always working, I found it hard to sit down and sort my life insurance out. I chose beagle street as it was all online and it was really easy to do, reasonably priced too!

    Kayleigh Gibson Beagle Street Customer

Why Beagle Street

Why choose Beagle Street

At Beagle Street we don’t just sell life insurance, we provide a life insurance service. 

We’re here to help you through every step; whether that’s guiding you through the application process, helping you dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s, making changes to your policy details as life evolves or supporting those that matter most to you after you have gone. Whatever you need, you’ll only ever speak to us. 

  • We protect over 120,000 families and we have paid out over £40m in claims
  • Our Life Experts in our UK based help centre are on hand to support you at every step 
  • All policies include our Estate Planning Kit to help you put your affairs in order 

Get a quote today or speak to the team

At Beagle Street we’re here to support you through the application process. If you’re ever unsure about any of the questions in the application, we have a team of experts on hand to help. 

Included with every Beagle Street policy

  • Estate Planning Kit
  • Terminal illness cover
  • Early funeral payout
  • Amazon Gift Card^
  • Free Beagle Soft Toy^

Home Buyers

Home Buyers Guide Introduction

Welcome to Beagle Street’s Home Buyers’ Guide – a simple step-by-step guide for anyone looking to buy a home. The topics we cover give you a great understanding of the whole process, perfect if you’re a first-time buyer and don’t quite know where to start on this very exciting, yet sometimes daunting journey.

*Based on a 30 year old non-smoker, £200k decreasing term cover for 20 years

**In 2022 Beagle Street was underwritten by Scottish Friendly Assurance Society, who paid 99.4% of all their life insurance claims. From 19th September 2023 Beagle Street insurance policies are underwritten by Family Assurance Friendly Society Limited.

^Available only when purchasing a policy directly through Beagle Street. Within 30 days of paying the 2nd monthly payment, the soft toy will be dispatched. The gift card value varies depending on monthly premium. Within 30 days of paying the 6th monthly payment, you will receive an email to claim your e-gift. Full Terms and Conditions