Life Insurance for Young Adults

young people life insurance

It’s often assumed that life cover is only for the ‘older generation’ and is not worth getting while you’re still young, but this certainly isn’t true for everyone. When considering Life Insurance it is important to think about your priorities not only now, but in the coming years.

Additionally, if you’re a young adult who has commitments like a mortgage or children then Life Insurance could be something you think about.

Life Insurance benefits for young adults

There are some great advantages in taking out a policy whilst you are young:

  • You could benefit from premiums as low as £2 per month [1]
  • Your premiums are calculated using your current age and general health and won’t increase once your policy has started
  1. Beagle Street – £2 per month Life Insurance quote based on an 18 year old, non-smoker, decreasing term cover of £100,000 for 9 years – Prices as of June 2019