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Welcome to Beagle Street’s Home Buyers’ Guide – a simple step-by-step guide for anyone looking to buy their first home.

Why We Created the Home Buyers’ Guide

Beagle Street provides new homeowners with Decreasing Term Insurance (often referred to as Mortgage Life Insurance) and through this process we’re helping to give them the financial protection they need in the event of your death.

To provide an extra helping hand, we wanted to share some easy-to-understand, impartial guidance with prospective homeowners. Our Home Buyers’ Guide has been split into the following sections:


5.Moving In

If you are a first time buyer, simply begin at Part 1 and use this as a crib sheet to ease yourself through the process.

Who is the Home Buyers’ Guide For?

People who are looking to get onto the property ladder – first time buyers. This includes:

  • Those who aspire to buy a property in the next 5 years and want to know how to prepare.
  • Those who might like to buy soon, but aren’t sure if they are able to.
  • Those who know a little about the property buying process, but might like more information.

The guide has been created to make sure that, as a first time buyer, you are as clued up as possible. It includes financial information such as how much you need to put aside and how to prepare for a mortgage. It also gives jargon-free explanations of each stage of the purchase process, from mortgage application to completion and beyond.

There is a strong emphasis on value and enabling readers to make informed choices for both the short and long term.

It is an unbiased guideBeagle Street is not affiliated to any mortgage or property company.

Who is the Guide Not For?

Anyone looking for advice on renting or buy-to-let:

  • There is nothing in this guide which discusses the pros and cons of renting vs buying a property. It is only designed to help those who have already decided or are considering to buy.

Anyone looking for advice on the best mortgages and mortgage rates:

  • This guide won’t recommend mortgage providers or mortgage rates. It is only designed to educate on the process of getting a mortgage, rather than which mortgage to choose.

Anyone looking for advice on the best solicitors, mortgage advisers, builders or surveyors:

  • This guide won’t recommend individuals or companies. It is only designed to educate on what you should bear in mind when selecting professionals to help you through the purchase process.
Ian Henderson

About Hende Building Services Ltd

In order to provide the most accurate information, we’ve enlisted the help of mortgage and building experts to create the Home Buyers’ Guide. Our main building expert has been Ian Henderson, Managing Director of Hende Building Services Ltd.

Ian came to Beagle Street’s attention for winning The Federation of Master Builders’ Heavenly Builder Award, after selflessly assisting a local family in desperate need of an extension to make their house suitable for the family’s needs.

A particular expert on extensions, conversions and refurbishments, you’ll find his tips and advice within Part 3’s Section on ‘What to Look Out For’ and Part 5’s ‘Adding Value to Your Property’.

Beagle whispering to Street

The final word

You’ll find masses of information about the various topics discussed here all across the internet, with expert opinion in the bucket load. This guide is not a replacement for that. In fact, we’ve listed recommendations on where you might find some of the best of these resources.

However, we understand the home buying process could be overwhelming. As helpful as the internet is, it’d be useful to have the most essential information in one place. That’s why we created our Home Buyers’ Guide.

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