Does extreme endurance affect life insurance?

Extreme Endurance: How will it affect my Life Insurance policy?

Are you into extreme endurance sports? Beagle Street don’t hold that against you: personal hobbies won’t affect a life insurance application.


A Life Insurance policy shouldn’t restrict you from doing what you love, which is why we don’t even ask what hobbies our customers take part in. We understand that for many people, their passion for extreme endurance sports is a significant part of their life.
Some of these sports may come with risks, but they are minimal, especially when the proper precautions are taken. Endurance sports can keep you incredibly fit and healthy, as well as adding great purpose to your life and enabling you to gain some truly amazing achievements. According to research published on the British Medical Journal, endurance sports can actually help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart failure and other diseases [1],  whilst Harvard Health Publications have highlighted links between mental health and regular exercise [2].

You shouldn’t live your life in fear, worrying about insurance policies or being afraid to try anything that’s out of your comfort zone. We want to encourage our customers to achieve their goals, and this is reflected in the flexibility of our insurance policies.

What is Extreme Endurance?

Extreme endurance sports are classified as events that need prolonged athletic performance. They are usually low intensity, but require athletes to complete very long distances. Endurance sports have grown substantially in the last few years.

‘In 2013 participation in non-traditional running events in the US had outnumbered the number of marathon and half marathon finishers (4 million to 2.5 million).’ [3]

A new generation of races have emerged which really put people through their paces and test competitors to the limit.  This includes events such as Ultra Running or Ultra Marathons for example, where participants take part in races of 26 miles and above, although standard distances are between 50 and 100 miles. It seems people want to really test their potential and see whether they have the mental grit and determination to finish these incredible endurance events.

Can I get Life Insurance if I do extreme endurance sports?

Whatever crazy endurance sport you are into, it won’t affect your policy with Beagle Street, as we won’t question what extreme hobbies you are into.

Here are some examples of extreme endurance sports:

  • Marathons
  • Triathlons
  • Tough Mudder type events
  • Long distance cycling
  • Trail running
  • Ultra marathons
  • Extreme endurance cycling
  • Long distance skiing races
  • Long distance swimming challenges

Fill out a life insurance application with Beagle Street and you’ll find that we don’t ask any sporting or hobby related questions. As such, unlike many other Life Insurance companies, this information is not used to calculate your premiums and will not affect the success of your application in any way. Other insurance companies may hold your participation in these sports against you. Generally, most insurers will accept ‘low risk’ hobbies such as skiing, trekking and snorkeling. However, they often won’t always insure people who take part in grueling endurance sports.

What extreme endurance events are there in the UK?

If you fancy trying an extreme endurance event there are plenty of extreme endurance events throughout the UK to choose from.
  • Obstacle type races such as Tough Mudder have become extremely popular in the last few years. They are long endurance races with difficult obstacles to overcome such as hero walls, cage crawls and electric shock wires.
  • Take on the infamous London Marathon if you think you have what it takes to complete a 26 mile run, or go one step further and try the much hillier Snowdonia Marathon.
  • If one sport is not enough, try taking on Ironman: an epic triathlon race consisting of 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.2-mile (42.2 km) run.
  • In 2012, a man called William Pruett completed five Ironman triathlons in five days.
  • If you fancy taking on an army inspired challenge, get a team together and attempt to carry an 80 kg log for 2.4 kilometres.
  • The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club is another extreme endurance challenge where you have to complete a 66 mile, 27,000 ft. circuit of 42 of the highest peaks in the English Lake District within 24 hours. This was first achieved by Bob Graham in 1932.

Take a look at our guide to extreme endurance sports in the UK and discover if any extreme sports appeal to you.

Extreme endurance hobbies create lasting memories

Pushing your endurance to the limits of what your body can take is something that will always remain sculpted in your memory. At Beagle Street we know how important hobbies and passions can be for people, and as such we will not hold your desire to challenge yourself against you.

It’s important to create lasting memories that you will remember when you are 100 years old, and to feel like you gave life your best shot. Completing any extreme endurance event is a wonderful achievement, and something you can take a lot of pride in.

We believe that whatever you choose to do for enjoyment in life is up to you and that there is nothing more important in life than being happy. This is why we choose to cover customers that want to pursue endurance events, even if they are taken to the extreme. Contact Beagle Street today for more information or get a quick life insurance quote to see how easy and fast you can get life cover online with Beagle Street.

Took out life insurance as my husband and are recently married & have had a child.  Fab service, online policy and written policy sent quickly & efficiently. Would highly recommend.

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