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Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Many people in the UK live with a pre-existing medical condition. From diabetes to heart troubles, cancer to long-term injuries, these conditions can vary a great deal. No two people are the same, and the same conditions can affect people in different ways – that’s why Beagle Street believes no two Life Insurance policies should be the same.


Will an existing health condition stop me from getting Life Insurance cover?

Whether you’ve had your condition from birth or you acquired it later in life we may still be able to offer you life cover. People who have felt the impact of long term medical conditions are often all too aware of the important role Life Insurance can play in ensuring loved ones are provided for after you’ve gone. But when you’re living with a pre-existing medical condition it’s easy to assume that it isn’t possible to get the Life Insurance protection you want.


“Tailoring Life Insurance policies to your own specific circumstances is what we do.”

How much does Life Insurance cost for those with pre-existing conditions?

There are two main factors that have an impact on the cost of Life Insurance for people with pre-existing health issues:

  • Perceived increased risk – the cost of premiums is calculated based on a range of factors, including how likely the insurer feels they will need to pay out on a policy. Many insurers see that an existing health condition is likely to mean more of a risk of having to pay out on the policy.
  • Fewer policies to choose from – because of the perceived increased risk, fewer insurers offer to cover those with pre-existing health conditions, or limit policies to cover only those with a select few health conditions. The restricted choice on offer plays a part in driving up the cost in premiums – a matter of high demand chasing a short supply.

We’re making Life Insurance cover more affordable to those with a pre-existing medical condition

There are many pre-existing medical conditions that can impact quality of life but not the length of life.

By understanding the array of conditions out there, and the unique impacts of each, we can provide tailored policies rather than catch-all ‘pre-existing condition’ policies that lump all conditions in together.

We could offer Life Insurance cover for people with cancer, heart conditions, diabetes and more.

That’s why, whatever your condition, it’s always worth getting in touch with us to have a chat – even if you’ve been turned down by other providers in the past. We’ll let you know what cover is available, and we’ll be able to tailor a quote for you in no time.

What pre-existing medical conditions do you need to disclose when applying for Life Insurance?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, we’ll need to know about the condition. You’ll be asked about your medical history, medications you have taken or are currently taking, and how long you’ve had the condition for.

We might ask if it’s ok for your GP to answer questions about your health, or to request details from your medical records to understand more about your condition. Don’t worry – no insurer can ever access your medical records or seek answers from your doctor without your express consent, and you are fully entitled to read over any report that your GP prepares before it is given to any insurer.

In some rare cases, you may be requested to undergo a medical before a quote can be given.

When tailoring your Life Insurance policy we’ll take into account a range of medical factors such as

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  • Age
  • Smoker status
  • Diagnosis
  • Condition
  • Severity of the condition
  • Medication / treatment options
  • Any previous hospitalisation

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I started off looking for life cover on some of the price comparison sites, but was put off by the complexity of the process once I got past the first step. Beagle Street’s rates were as good as I’d been quoted there, and the medical questions etc were easy to go through in a few minutes, and to take the policy out. Very pleased so far. [1]

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What about Critical Illness Cover?

Critical Illness cover is another option for ensuring your loved ones are provided for in the event that you suffer from a serious medical condition. Critical Illness Cover can be added to your Life Insurance policy. It pays out upon diagnosis of one of our covered critical illnesses, so that if you are affected by a serious medical condition you’ll receive the money you need to help you and your loved ones right away. We offer Critical Illness Cover for a wide range of conditions, including cancer and diabetes – take a look at the full list of all the medical conditions covered by Beagle Street.

Critical Illness
Critical Illness
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Honesty is important

It’s really important that you make sure that the answers you give to us are honest and accurate. Withholding information, or making a fraudulent declaration, means any policy you take out is likely to be invalid and will mean that you’ve broken the law. Even if you neglect to tell us about one condition, but end up having to make a claim relating to another condition entirely, the policy could still be declared invalid as the initial information given to us was incorrect.

What are my Life Insurance cover options?

There are two types of Life Insurance policy that we provide at Beagle Street:


Level Term

Where you secure a set cover amount for as many years as you have the policy.

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Decreasing Term

Also known as Mortgage Term this is typically cheaper than Level Term, the value of this policy decreases over time. It’s great for covering costs you have as a family now, such as mortgage payments and credit card debts, that you expect to decrease over time.

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Whatever your Life Insurance needs, and regardless of your pre-existing medical condition, we’ll always do whatever we can to help you find great cover that you can afford. Just get in touch to find out what we can offer.

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