Life Insurance Information


We ask straightforward questions and you get the cover you need

You have lots to think about when it comes to choosing between Life Insurance providers.
We want to make the decision-making process more straightforward

How we help

  • Our jargon buster simplifies what we do.
  • We provide case studies to help you choose what life cover you need.
  • Life Insurance calculator can help you plan your finances, making your future plans less scary.
  • Guides for more information about smoking, pregnancy and more.
  • Online medical questionnaire can give you a full quotation in less than 15 minutes.
  • We even provide hints & tips for cheaper policies!

How much cover do I need?

Start by summing up your current financial situation and defining your needs for the future. Whether you have a family to support, any future debts you may way to cover yourself for or simply how much money you would like your Life Insurance to pay out to your loved ones if you die or fall seriously ill?


How much cover can I get?

The maximum Life Insurance cover limits are set by age. Your personal circumstances will then decide how much of the maximum cover limit you can apply for.

Age at next birthdayUp to 4041-5051-5556-6061-65
Minimum Cover£40,000£20,000£10,000£10,000£10,000
Maximum Cover£750,000£500,000£300,000£125,000£75,000
AgeMinimum CoverMaximum Cover
Up to 40£40,000£750,000

Which type would be best?

We have two types of life cover; level term and decreasing term insurance. Level type pays out the same amount for as long as your cover lasts, the payouts from decreasing term cover shrink in line with repayment mortgages.Is covering your outstanding mortgage enough or do you want to help pay for more, at least until your children are old enough to earn a living and support themselves? 

Is it affordable?

You might be surprised how affordable Life Insurance can be when it’s tailored to your individual needs.