Life Insurance for People With HIV

HIV and evolving treatments

hiv life insurance ribbon

Since its emergence in the UK population, HIV and its treatments have evolved. According to the NHS, there were an estimated 107,800 people in the UK living with HIV in 2013. Studies by the National Aids Trust highlight that people impacted by HIV are able to lead longer and healthy lives. Life Insurance products have evolved to provide more appropriate and feasible solutions for people wishing to apply for cover and supporting those who already have life insurance cover.

Get covered before diagnosis

If you have Life Insurance and Critical Illness cover before diagnosis, you could help protect yourself from the financial implications of trying to get cover with a HIV infection.

HIV is one of covered critical illnesses so you will receive a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with the illness after taking out the policy.

If you think you may be at risk at work, it’s worth considering Life Insurance and Critical Illness cover as we cover key occupations deemed as being more prone to contracting HIV.

For Critical Illness the eligible occupations for HIV caught at work are:

  • Emergency services – police, fire services, first aid & ambulance service
  • Medical professions – including administrators, dentists, doctors, nurses, cleaners and porters
  • Armed Forces

I have already been diagnosed with HIV – Can I get cover?

If you’ve already been diagnosed with HIV, getting Life Insurance and Critical Illness cover can’t be guaranteed. The variety of treatment stages and severities mean that each application is treated differently, so it’s worth doing a quote or contacting us directly to find out if you could get cover.