Life Insurance Calculator – how much Life Insurance cover you need in 3 steps


What is a Life Insurance calculator?

This tool will help you calculate how much Life Insurance cover you might need. By asking questions about your current financial situation, we can help you estimate what cover value will be best suited to you.

What our calculator can do

Things it can’t do

  • Provide the exact life cover amount. There could be other factors, perhaps non-financial, you need to consider too
  • Help you decide how much life cover you might need based on your future decisions
  • Indicate other decisions such as how long you need cover for or what type of policy you need
  • Provide the exact cover amount. This is up to you
  • Calculate your monthly premium cost

How we calculate the cover amount you need

Working out how much cover you need is based on your personal situation, so the indicated amount of life cover shown from the calculator will differ for everyone. Everyone has different responsibilities to financially secure.

Our Life Insurance calculator will ask you a few questions about your current level of debt and responsibility, such as the number of children you have or your mortgage debt for example, and weigh this up against your savings and company life plan. This will give a rough guide to the level of cover that is right for you.

Maximum cover limits

Life Insurance

AgeUp to 4041-5051-5556-6061-65
Minimum Cover£40,000£20,000£10,000£10,000£10,000
Maximum Cover£750,000£500,000£300,000£125,000£75,000

Critical Illness Cover

AgeUp to 4041-5051-5556-6061-65
Minimum Cover£5,000£5,000£5,000£5,000£5,000
Maximum Cover£750,000£500,000£300,000£125,000£75,000

Life Insurance

AgeMinimum CoverMaximum Cover
Up to 40£40,000£750,000

Critical Illness cover

AgeMinimum CoverMaximum Cover
Up to 40£5,000£750,000