Life Insurance for drug users

While Life Insurance for active users of recreational drugs, besides marijuana, isn’t currently available in the UK, you could still get Life Insurance if you have abused drugs or alcohol in the past. Some drug use could mean that you’d be referred for manual underwriting, which could mean that your application is accepted, although this isn’t always the case. Getting cover will depend on the specific drug or drugs you used, how often you were taking them and the amount of time that you have given it up for.


What questions will you need to answer?

First of all, it’s important to know that Beagle Street will always keep all of your personal information secure and we never share any data. The answers you give us to these questions are completely secure and protected.

We may need to ask you some questions pertaining to your drug use, including:

  • Which drug or drugs you used – policies may vary depending on the type of drugs you used, as different drugs can have different effects on health.
  • How long you have been clean for – the longer you’ve been clean, the more likely it is that you could be accepted for a policy.
  • How often you took the drug – the severity and length of your drug use will have an effect on possible long term health risks, so we need to know if you were an infrequent, casual user, or if you had a more serious drug abuse issue.
  • Whether or not you’ve suffered any health complications as a result of your drug use.

Hard drug usage and Life Insurance?

Particularly severe or very recent use of stronger drugs, like cocaine, heroin or steroids, may make it more difficult for you to obtain Life Insurance. However every case is different so we would recommend getting in touch to tell us your specific situation.

Cannabis and Life Insurance

The 2014/15 Crime Survey for England and Wales [1] estimates that 6.7 per cent of adults aged 16 to 59 used cannabis (also known as Marijuana or weed) in the last year, and around three in ten (29.2%) adults of the same age group admitting to using the drug at some point during their lifetimes.

  • If you have used cannabis in the past or if you are an existing users this will not necessarily exclude you from being eligible for Life Insurance cover as multiple factors are taken into consideration, ring our sales helpline on 0800 247 247 now to get a quote.

Over the counter or prescription drugs and Life Insurance

When insurers talk about drug abuse, it usually involves the use of any recreational drug that has not been prescribed for you by your GP. That typically means harder drugs like cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, steroids or methamphetamine, as well as alcohol addiction.

However prescription drug abuse is a highly recognised problem, in 2014/15 for the first time in the 30 plus year history of the Crime Survey for England and Wales [1], questions were posed around the misuse of prescription painkillers. The survey revealed that 5.4 per cent of adults aged between 16 to 59 had misused prescription only painkillers that were not prescribed to them.

“A study based on surveys of more than 20,000 people across the European Union published in the journal BMC Psychiatry in August 2016, revealed that UK adults are the most likely people in Europe to misuse prescription stimulant drugs.”

Recreational use of prescription drugs may not necessarily exclude you from being eligible for Life Insurance, get in contact today to tell us your specific situation.

Being honest about your drug use

Failing to disclose vital information could invalidate your Life Insurance policy and any subsequent claims, please notify us of any dependency on any drugs whether they are prescription, over the counter medicines or illegal drugs. Substance misuse of any kind can have a detrimental effect on your health and therefore an impact on your insurance application. If in doubt please get in touch on 0800 247 247 for a personalised quote.

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Are you or a loved one worried about a drug problem?

Whilst Beagle Street are not experts in diagnosing or providing support for people with drug problems, there are multiple places that you can turn to for help, we’ve listed a few for you below:

Will my drug use stop me from getting Life Insurance cover?

Each Life Insurance application is considered on a case by case basis.

For a definite answer on whether you can be covered please get in touch on 0800 247 247 for a personalised quote.

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  1. Home Office – National Statistics – Drug Misuse: Findings from the 2014/15 Crime Survey for England
    and Wales – July 2015
  2. TrustPilot – Beagle Street – “Brilliant service” 5 star review – March 2016