What is the average cost of a funeral in the UK?

How much does a funeral cost in the UK?

In 2015, the average cost of a funeral in the UK was £3,600 1, excluding ‘extras’ such as flowers, catering and a memorial headstone. These items can easily add an extra £2,000.


What costs are involved with a funeral?

Typically, a funeral director service will cost about £1,800 and will cover:

  • Chapel of rest
  • Embalming
  • Organisation and documentation
  • Coffin
  • Hearse and limousine
  • Pall bearers and other support staff

However, funeral directors will add certain costs called ‘disbursements’ – these typically include:

Doctor’s fees for death certificate£165
Cremation fees£683
Burial fees, such as rights of internment, grave digging and headstone installation£1,645
Person who performs the funeral service, often a minister£140+
Crematorium service (CofE)£164

Other options you may want to choose, include:

Funeral flowers£150
Death notice£77
Funeral notice announcing the time and location of the funeral in a local newspaper£66
Additional limousine£230
Order of service/ celebration sheets£60
Catering for wake/reception£350
Venue hire for wake/reception£110
Memorial headstone or plaque£750

Worth noting: More and more people are planning ahead, so that their funeral costs are covered when the time comes. You’ll find useful information on how life insurance can help at the end of this guide.

Who pays for a funeral?

Funerals can be paid for in a number of ways. The most common sources of payment are:

  • The deceased person’s estate (note that funeral costs take precedence over other debts)
  • A life insurance policy held by the deceased person
  • A funeral plan taken out by the deceased person
  • Family or friends

Note that, if the money is to come from the dead person’s estate, funeral costs and secured debts such a mortgage will be paid before other costs.

On some occasions (where no other sources of payment are available) the local council or NHS may organise and pay for a funeral.   However, this will not include arrangements such as flowers, cars or notices in the local newspaper.

People on a low income may be able to get help in paying from a funeral from the Social Fund. You’ll find more information at GOV.UK.

Note that many websites, commercial and government, refer to this.

Remember: at Beagle Street, we regularly search official registers, so when a policy holder dies, we don’t have to wait for you to contact us. This means we could give you financial support faster than other insurance providers.

How to register a death?

Burial or cremation


  1. The Money Advice Service – How much does a funeral cost?

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