Graduate Profile – Helen Saul

Education: University of Lancaster

Degree: French and Management

Joined BGL: September 2014

Joined Beagle Street: September 2014 (1st rotation) in a Planning role in the Marketing team

Life at Beagle Street

At Beagle Street, I enjoyed working closely with our Media Buying agency in London who taught me how they secure the top spots on television. I appreciated the chance to network with some of the top players in the industry. I met with representatives from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Spotify and LinkedIn and loved learning about what they could do for our brand.

My role was quite varied and another highlight for me was working with the Guardian on an app we created called Happy For Life. I also managed and optimised PPC channels and forecasted sales and Marketing spend.

You should apply for a similar role if you enjoy the analytical side of Marketing and are interested in tracking performance and looking for innovative ways to improve this. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions when you first start, and if you have a good idea to do something differently that could help the business, don’t be afraid to share it; it could be your chance to really make an impact.

Written August 2016