Supermums juggle 23 different professions

Superhero parents playing with daughter on living room sofa. Image shot 2014. Exact date unknown.

Here at Beagle Street, we know mums are superheroes. They are the Heads of the Household who keep the modern family functioning with hundreds of little acts of heroism each day.

We dug a little deeper to understand just how much the average mum does for her family on a daily basis, from ferrying the kids around as the family taxi, to donning her chef’s hat to cook dinner in the evening.

And the findings were indeed nothing short of heroic.

According to our research study, the average mum juggles a whopping 23 professions in the household and spends an extra 32 hours a week doing jobs for the family. Daily roles include acting chef, taxi driver, teacher, sports coach and household judge (mediating any sibling rivalries).

Being a mum or dad is the most important job in the world and despite the role of a parent having no holidays or sick days, 97 per cent of mums questioned said being a parent is the best job in the world!

The downside to the research is that the stretch on a parent’s time often means putting off important tasks like exercising, planning for their family’s financial future and even getting a haircut.

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Helping you save time is what you would expect from a hi-tech insurance company, and is what the modern mum really needs – as the list of 23 professions below can testify.

1. Cleaner
2. Chef
3. Housekeeper
4. Counsellor
5. Personal Assistant
6. Teacher
7. Author / story-teller
8. Waiter / waitress
9. Doctor / nurse
10. Taxi driver
11. Sports coach
12. Barista
13. Accountant
14. Judge
15. Gardener
16. Dog walker
17. Painter / decorator
18. Plumber
19. Stylist
20. Party planner
21. Travel agent
22. Seamstress
23. Hairdresser

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