Release the (Bristol) Pounds


How could we possibly show our commitment to providing cheaper life insurance policies to the British public? We had an idea, and so it happened: last week we captured the nation’s attention by letting hundreds of origami dogs made with £10 notes loose on the streets of London. Take a look at this video to see exactly what went down in the UK capital:

The London public loved the initiative so much that they flooded the Twittersphere with hundreds of tweets and comments:

Because of the great success of the campaign, we wanted to replicate it. So to choose where to bring the Pounds next we asked the public. There were thousands of votes on Facebook and Twitter, even regional newspapers nationwide went head-to-head to get their readers voting!. With all the votes in, the winner was Bristol!

A second city means a second origami making session for our paper-folding experts who need more than 120 hours to get the job done! Folding a £10 note into a dog is indeed no easy task. Try following this time-lapse for proof:

Today will, therefore, be “pound-hunting day” in the streets of Bristol with another 500 £10 note origami dogs let lose in the city in the South West.


We are again putting pounds in people’s pockets and smiles on their faces, just like our life insurance polices, which are 30 per cent cheaper on average.

Don’t forget to follow the giveaway on Twitter with the hashtag #ReleaseThePounds.


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