Movember at Beagle Street!

What is the Movember?

Movember aims to increase the awareness of men’s health issues, such as cancer, and the organisation is committed to taking action to improve the situation.

By growing a moustache in November the term Movember was coined. With 4 million Movember moustaches grown to date (see here) it has certainly taken the world by storm!

Men’s health

Men have a lower life expectancy than women by just under 4 years ( A distinct lack of awareness forms part of the cause, but it is also true that men are less open to discussing health matters with friends or family. This reluctance to discuss the topic has a negative effect on actions, which results in:

  • Men having a 14% increased risk of developing cancer than women, and 37% higher risk from dying from it.
  • 67% of UK males are overweight or obese.
  • 1 in 4 people in the UK experience mental health problems each year.

Let’s take part!

This is a great cause which many of us in the team have individually raised money for in previous years. This year we are raising money as a team and here’s what we look like pre-Movember.

Movember at Beagle Street

Who know who will grow the funkiest moustache!

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