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To celebrate the TV debut of the worrisome yet caring Jeremy the Beagle in our new TV ads, we launched a competition to find ten dog owners willing to change the names of their dogs to Jeremy for £100.

We were staggered at the sheer number of amazing entries we had, which included doggies of all different shapes and sizes.
Sadly, not everyone could win – but we wanted to catch up with those who did and find out a bit more about their pups.

Julie and Chuck

Julie told us she and Chuck, an 8-year-old Beagle she has had since he was a pup, were absolutely chuffed to win the competition.

She added: “We first named him Charlie but unfortunately he suffered car sickness at first so the name Chuck stuck.”
Julie previously had another Beagle called Benson, who sadly died at the age of ten. She says the pair were inseparable and mischievous, adding: “I had many dogs growing up but Beagles certainly test the patience of a saint! But they are so gentle, and there’s never a dull day with them – even though they keep you on your toes!”
Julie has since adopted a female Beagle called Tinks, and she says: “We are all happy again, even though we miss our beautiful old boy.”

Kristi and Mash

Kristi told us: “His (real) name is Mash. He’s a big three-year-old miniature Dachshund – aka a sausage dog! Sausage & Mash – get it??

“His favourite things are mummy cuddles, rolling on his back for belly rubs, ALL food (but especially Nanny’s Sunday lunches), and play-fighting with his cousin – a Lakeland Terrier called Humphrey.
“He rules the roost and knows it. He’s not big on walkies (you wouldn’t be with those little legs) but when he does he likes to find the fox doo doo and roll it. I do not like this!!
“Weiner dogs are the best companions, very loyal and loving and full of character and use those sad eyes to reel you in. Wouldn’t want it any other way!”

Daniel and Jax

Jax is an eight-month-old playful puppy that tends to be boisterous and a bit stroppy, according to owner Daniel.

He added: “He loves to play with the children and toys, which don’t last long as he likes to tear them to pieces (gives us plenty of hoovering up to do).
“He’s odd when it comes to the weather, ie. if it is raining, he refuses to go for a walk. He will just sit on the doorstep and not move until the door is opened for him to go back in.
“He even goes as far as stepping around puddles if he can help it, but in the house he won’t think twice about diving in a bath that’s full of water, which I find very odd!”

Gemma and Lola

Gemma says four-year-old Lola is very independent and stubborn, and even looks down her nose at her other two dogs.

She said: “She can be very playful at times, but only when she chooses.
“She’s happiest having a cuddle in front of the fire.
“As independent and feisty as she is, she is very much a daddy’s girl. When things get too much for her, she will always look to us for comfort (she was attacked recently and I’ve never seen her so dependant on us to be around – not as tough as she makes out!)
“Oh and her smiles when we get home from work are the best!”

Carl and Harley

Carl says 8-month-old Harley is a little man with a very big ego.

He told us: “We also have a 6-year-old Labrador called Molly, and since he came along he rules the roost!
“Saying that, however, he’s a real softy and is very loving – and has me and my partner wrapped around his little paw!!”

Leanne and Jimmy

Leanne says Jimmy, who is coming up to three years old, is a Beagle crossed with a Labrador who was a rescue pup from Crete.

Leanne added: “He had a bad start in life so he has some trust issues, but he’s been with us for over a year now and is settling in perfectly! He always wants to play – even with our cats (who don’t share the same level of enthusiasm). “He loves his long walks, but his only downfall is that he has an arch-enemy in the form of our postman!”

Emma and Buddy

Emma said: “His name is Buddy and he is 9 years old. He is the typical Beagle – always hungry, enjoys long walks and loves a cuddle!”

And here are all the other entrants…

#jeremy loving the new dog tag thanks beagle street

Posted by Sarah Turner on Thursday, 21 January 2016

Jeremy loves his new dog tag! Thanks Beagle Street! #Jeremy

Posted by Stuart Tremayne on Thursday, 21 January 2016

I’m now called Jeremy! Paw-tastic! #Jeremy I’m a beaglestreet pup & proud 󾆷

Posted by Gemma Georgina on Thursday, 21 January 2016

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