Unveiling the Living List Competition Winner

The Living List Competition came to a close last month and we can honestly say it has been a hell of a ride. The decision of allowing the entrants to decide their own prize to help them enjoy a better life according to their passions proved to be a real source of inspiration for everyone involved. Some of the life stories we came across were beautiful, uplifting and truly emotional.

Because of the sheer overall quality of the entries it was a truly difficult task to even come up with a rough shortlist to start off with, let alone the overall winner. However after hours of narrowing down and heartbreak for not being able to accommodate more entries there was no doubt which entry was the most deserving.

(Drum Roll) The winner is…


Helen asked for a continuous glucose monitor for her daughter.

Helen has a 10 year old daughter, Maddie, suffering from diabetes. Because Maddie’s sugar levels fluctuate, Helen needs to check on them various times during the day including several times at night. Maddie doesn’t wake up when her levels get too low, so it can be dangerous not to check on them when she is sleeping.


The continuous glucose monitor Helen won with the Living List Competition checks glucose levels 24/7 and rings a bell if the levels get too low or too high. This means Maddie would wake up instead of continuing sleeping if there are problems with her sugar levels and Helen will be able to help her when she really needs it, allowing both to get much more sleep at night and more peace of mind during the day.

This entry resonates with the spirit of the Living List Competition in so many ways: because of her diabetes, Maddie is not able to live life as she would like. Constantly having to prick her fingers including during the night and when she plays is such a huge impediment on her happiness and her opportunity to live life according to her passions. The same also goes for Helen who would be, to a great extent, freed from her burdensome responsibility of having her daughter’s glucose levels in the back of her mind 24 hours a day!

We would like to thank again everyone who shared their stories and entered the competition and congratulations again to Helen!

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