The Buzztones talk about why it’s the perfect fit

The buzztones

Beagle Street believes that people should spend as much of their time enjoying life, including doing the things we love and embracing our passions. The Living List has been created to encourage and influence people to do exactly this and we’ve got some partners involved to give us a hand.

Anyone who loves to sing will be able to relate the The Buzztones – a unique 13 piece a cappella group with a difference. In just two years, the choir has performed on the BBC, sang at the FA Cup Final, had a sell-out 5* debut at the Edinburgh Fringe. Though still working full time jobs, the group take the time to embrace their passion for singing and are fully committed to the Buzztones.

Ed Hallinan, who sings bass said: “The Living List is all about celebrating special moments and when we are doing anything for the first time as a group, we always get that goosebump feeling – and that’s what it’s all about!”

“Our ‘Love To Sing’ Living List, reflects us as a group as it’s a little silly but entirely serious at the same time. Some of our ideas seem a bit whacky on paper but we give it everything we have and take every song extremely seriously. An example of this is out 90’s Garage medley.”

The group has performed at a handful of flash mobs and been part of many public, surprise marriage proposals. Ed shares: “Our dream would be to record an album that would be played on BBC Radio 1 and we had a song that became a number one Christmas hit!”

Check out the Buzztones Living List here, and learn more about the group at

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