Lil Bub & Mike Bridavsky

Our most popular partner so far on the Living List has been Lil Bub’s and her ‘dude’. Lots of people have been intrigued by this special pet and owner bond, and so we asked the dude (real name Mike Bridavsky) a few questions about their involvement:

Bub 1

Why is the living list a good fit for you?

I see Bub as the poster child for embracing life. Despite numerous obstacles with her health and genetic make-up, she has not only survived and found happiness, but she has gone on to become one of the most influential and inspirational living creatures on our planet, as a talk show host, an author, a television actress, a movie star and the founder of the first national fund for special needs pets.

What’s the ultimate dream?

One ultimate dream is to have a world where the homeless pet population is 0, no animals have to be euthanized, and everyone understands proper pet care. The other ultimate dream is to have our own kitty water park on a planet with an ideal tropical climate.

How would you say that your Cat Lovers List fits Bub’s personality?

The list fits her personality perfectly, as it was written by her! Sharp, witty, insightful, and humorous.

Your list is divided between Bub and yourself – how did you find writing the list?

I’m just grateful to Bub’s generosity in even letting me contribute.

Tell us a little bit about what’s in the near future for yourself and Bub?

As a clairvoyant being, only Bub knows the future, and she keeps those secrets very tight. I can only imagine that our future involves a lot of magic and positivity.

Bub 2

Check out the ‘Cat Lover’s Living List’ here:

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