#LeapSecondMovie: The Worlds Shortest Movie

Beagle Street has challenged one of the UK’s most respected independent filmmakers to make a film commemorating 2015’s Leap Second – an extra second scientists have added to world atomic clocks on June 30 in order to compensate for the slowing of the Earth’s rotation.

Gary Tarn, the BAFTA-nominated director behind documentaries Black Sun and The Prophet, has responded with #LeapSecondMovie, a collection of 25 stills cut to a four-note soundtrack, which lasts for exactly one second.

The unique film is released here ahead of the leap second (Tuesday June 30 at 23.59.61) to inspire people to enjoy life and live every moment.



Gary Tarn comments: “The leap second is a unique event that gives us all an extra second to stop and think about how we live our lives and spend our time. My one-second film celebrates 25 captured moments, personal to me, that make my heart sing. In an increasingly busy world, I’m hoping people will spend just a second to watch the film and be inspired to recognise, enjoy and appreciate the amazing lives we share with those we love.”

Hannah MacAulay from Beagle Street comments: “Beagle Street believes that people feel good and enjoy life more knowing their loved ones are protected if they die. #LeapSecondMovie is a (very) quick reminder to make the most of every moment, enjoy life and live it to the full.”




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