Introducing Jeremy – nine things you need to know about the craziest, most protective dog EVER

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Meet Jeremy – the star of our latest ad campaign and most neurotic dog you’re ever likely to come across. He lives with the Wells family and his owner/best friend, John, has protected the whole family with Beagle Street life insurance. But that doesn’t stop him worrying.

Here are nine things you need to know about Jeremy:

1. He’s barking mad
Jeremy is lovely, but he gets incredibly worried about trousers. Yes, trousers. The loopy pooch thought John’s strides could do him a mischief so he threw all of them out…

2. It’s Jeremy the Beagle – not Jeremy Beagle
Jeremy is a member of the family, and the family aren’t called the Beagles – they’re called Wells. So, technically he’s called Jeremy Wells, but you can call him Jeremy the Beagle.

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3. He’s ADORABLE because he’s a Beagle
OK, so these Beagles may not be the same Beagle, but they are still wonderful little Beagles. Watch! Beagles!


4. His owner is also his best friend
John Wells, Jeremy’s owner, may despair of his strange ways at times, but deep down they’re best pals. Just ,er, best pals who argue about whether they should be wearing trousers or not.

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Let’s move on…

5. He is the self-appointed protector of his family
Many homes have a guard dog, but not many have one who thinks trousers are the most dangerous things in the house. And it’s not just trousers, either. Jeremy worries about all sorts of everyday household objects. He’s terrified by the toaster, horrified by the hoover, and growls uncontrollably any time he’s near a tube of toothpaste.

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6. He can talk
Ah yes, did I mention he can talk? Well he can. He mostly talks about trousers, crème brûlée, and all the other deadly* things he’s seen lying around the house.

*definitely not deadly.

7. He lives one day at a time
And if his family make it to the end of the day safely, then it’s been a good day. He might be annoying at times, but he loves them really.

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8. He loves a crème brûlée
Who doesn’t?! AMIRITE?

9. Actually, he just loves eating. Anything
Like all dogs, Jeremy just loves his food. Protecting his family is his number one priority – but getting a good meal is always a close second.

If you’re a worrier like Jeremy, you can restore your peace of mind by protecting your family – simply and online – with Beagle Street life insurance. Get a Quote in just ten minutes by hitting the button above.

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