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What do Brits love about the area that they live in?

Each region of Great Britain has something unique to admire, but we want to know what the residents think about their area and why they chose to live there. At Beagle Street, we encourage people to enjoy life, and our environment can certainly influence that, so we wanted to know what lifestyle decision people make when deciding on a place to live.

To give us an idea, we commissioned YouGov to ask over 4,000 Brits about what they like the most about where they live, and if they could move, where they would move to. In addition, we asked the homeowners (2500 people) what factors were most taken into consideration when deciding to commit to a mortgage in their chosen location.

The results:
What are the main reasons why you like the local area that you live in?

Green spaces are top!

  • Having green spaces (parks, countryside) came out top for why Brits like where they live with 56% of people stating that was the case.
  • The second highest was shopping facilities (38%) and health service trailed in at third (36%)
  • It seems that men are more concerned with low crime levels with this being the second highest for men overall with over 41% stating this.
  • For woman ‘good schools that provide a high standard of education’ was more of a positive factor than for men, with 31% stating this as a reason they like the area, compared to only 24% of men.
  • A sense of community in your area becomes more important as you get older with only 19% of 18-24 year olds choosing it as a reason why they like where they live compared to the 34% of over 55 year olds.
  • 38% of the Welsh participants stated that ‘community spirit’ was a reason they like where they live – the highest result of all regions.
  • Only 9% of participants stated that they like to live in their local area because of job opportunities. This was highest in the South East at 15%, and only 9% in London.
  • Londoners were the most satisfied with how the area is maintained by the Council, with 35% of participants selecting this as a reason for why they like the area.

Homeowners say housing affordability is most important

However, results also reveal that again, green spaces were a high priority and jobs were low. Also, being near to family is more important to our choices than being near bars and restaurants.

  • Once money problems were put to the side, the top two factors influencing the choice of home location were:o Being nearer to friends and/or family (32%)
    o Access to green spaces (31%).
  • People from the South West were the least phased by monetary problems in their house buying location decision with 50% stating it as a deciding factor compared to the 70% of people living in Wales who are the most influenced by economies.
  • Expectedly ‘Good schools’ played an important part in choosing where to live for those with children (29%).
  • The results showed that family friends play a big part in the choice of where to settle, or at least commit to a mortgage. A third of people stated that being nearer to family and friends was an important factor for them in the decision of where to purchase their home. (36% for women, compared to 29% for men). This came out on top after affordability for the Welsh with 42% of people stating this was important to them.
  • The lowest priorities for people choosing where to buy a home were community social events (4%), career prospects (9%) and access to recreational activities (gyms, restaurants etc).

We are happy where we are

  • 1 in 5 people said they would never move away from the area that they live in.
  • A third of outright home owners said they would never move from the local area that they live in.

So it turns out a drizzle more rain than in Spain goes a long way to help put a smile on British faces allowing the much loved traditional greens to grow. Whether homeowners or not, this is certainly a lifestyle factor that most of us consider when thinking about the place we live in.

To find out the ways every region loves what it has to offer in the eyes of current and future homeowners take a look at our interactive map and browse through all the regions to find the most interesting stats.



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