Infographic: A Guide to UK’s Extreme Sports

Are you passionate about extreme sports? Find out which ones to get into with our fun infographic, Beagle Street insures you no matter what sport you like!

Calgary 1988: looking down at a crowd of people chanting his name, a man from Cheltenham (a town only 61 metres above sea level in the county of Gloucestershire) jumped from a 90 metre hill to become the 1st ever Brit to represent the UK in Olympic Ski Jumping.

Have you got an extreme side, just waiting to be unleashed? Well, here at Beagle Street we don’t ask any questions on what extreme hobbies you are into.

Therefore, to encourage and inspire you to pursue your passions, no matter how wild they may be, we created a fun infographic on some of the crazy sports and activities available in the UK with information on how to get into them.

Scroll through the infographic to reveal interesting stats on each sport and some of the famous flag raisers for the UK:

Life Insurance for Extreme Sports

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