Escape Your Comfort Zone – An Introduction

No anxiety. Feeling at ease. Feeling in control. Common sense tells us that the comfort zone is something we should gravitate towards. No racing heart beat, no sweaty palms, no tension – everything calm, serene, and reassuringly familiar. So why is it that the moment we lose that control, that sense of ease, are the moments when we feel most alive and the ones that persist in our memories?

Beagle Street’s new blog series sets out to explore this phenomenon through a number of exciting contributors who will share their stories on why stepping out of that cosy comfort zone can be a key move to turn your life around.

Whether it’s a decision we’ve taken for ourselves, like booking yourself a weekend of white water rafting, or an unexpected event such as a sudden demand from your boss to give a presentation, there’s something about stepping out of our comfortable daily routine that can be the difference between existing and living.

First and foremost stepping out of your comfort zone means you have to focus on the present – and that feels good. In the moment, worries don’t exist. We’re not thinking about the past – ‘I wish I’d done this….if only I’d done that…’ – and we’re not fretting about the future. We’re purely experiencing the here and now, and it’s blissful.

Secondly, losing your comfort zone often translates to change, and change moves us forward. It is far too easy to dwell within habit, doing the things that you like and that create the least amount of stress for yourself. But it is obvious that the more you transcend that habit the more you will come into contact with events and people that will have the power to alter the features that shape your personality: awareness, perspective and sense of affiliation.

Lastly, there is also an element that suggests how letting go of your comfort zone also leads to a healthier life, both mentally and physically. Mentally speaking, being challenged constantly helps you frame life in a different and often more positive way. Your problems will be looked at with fresh eyes as opposed to those eyes whose vision is obscured by re-occurrence and recognisable patterns.

Our first part in this series will be from Laura Fountain, from Lazy Girl Running, to discuss the relationship between your physical wellbeing and losing your comfort spot.

Laura is a runner as well as an author, and, as she skips across the world from 10Ks to marathons and half marathons, she also manages to squeeze in some quality writing time to reflect on the world of running and fitness in general. So come back later this week to find out from Laura why escaping the comfort zone is and has been her key to lead a better life.



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