Dinosaur Financial Advisors Face Extinction

man dinausor

This week sees the opening of a new exhibition at The Dinosaur Museum on Britain’s Jurassic coast in Dorset that displays financial advisors complete with shiny suits, briefcases and chunky calculators alongside Tyrannosaurs, Triceratops and Velociraptors.


Beagle Street committed the financial advisors to the country’s only museum devoted solely to dinosaurs after research found that more than half of UK adults do not have life insurance (55 per cent). Of the 5,000 people questioned 43 per cent say that life insurance is too confusing to understand and a third (32 per cent) blame financial advisors for the confusion.

With Beagle Street, you can take out life insurance online in less than ten minutes – meaning no middlemen and no meetings. We use technology to offer a simple, friendly and affordable way to get life insurance, which we hope will make the old, complicated way of buying life insurance extinct.


Watch our film to mark the opening of the exhibition at The Dinosaur Museum :

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