A family bank holiday that won’t break the bank

After a summer of keeping the kids busy and entertained on their school break, parents may be running out of inspiration for things to do over the August Bank Holiday. Fortunately parenting blogger Rock n Roller Baby has ten creative and pocket-friendly ideas to make the most of the three-day weekend with your children, enjoy your time together and keep those little smiles growing.

10 Pocket-friendly things to do with the kids over the bank holiday

 1. Go on a bug hunt

All you need for a bug hunt in the garden or your local park is some empty jam jars to collect your bugs and perhaps some pictures of mini beasts to go hunting for! At the end of the day and before releasing them back into the wild, draw pictures of all you’ve found to go online and discover everything about them.

Kids love to get muddy pretending to be explorers and it costs absolutely nothing. You could even fashion some explorer costumes from things you have in the dressing-up box before you set off on your adventure…

2. Go to a museum

Museums often have FREE entry or are fairly inexpensive and often have special activities to take part in over the summer. A day at a museum is educational as well as fun and some of the best places to visit are in London. It’s definitely worth checking local trains to find out if they have advance tickets which can keep a day trip to the Capital within budget and while you’re there you can make the most of all on offer.

Some favourites with children are the Museum of Childhood and The Museum of London Docklands (a trip on the DLR is a day out in itself for some budding train drivers). Both have dedicated play areas for little ones and don’t cost a penny to enter. Check out local museums to you and see what they have on offer too.



3. Put on a play

Help the little ones put on a play and perform it to the rest of the family. Either use a favourite story or write one together. How about encouraging them to become directors and use their tablets (or yours) to film their own short movie which you can keep forever! Alternatively build a puppet theatre from an old card board box and make the stars of the show using wooden utensils from the supermarket which usually cost under 50p. Lots of time, lots of fun and it doesn’t cost a bean to get those creative juices flowing…

4. Get crafty

Gather all your paints, glitter, glue and anything else in the craft box and buy some paper plates for the canvas. Paper plates are cheap but brilliant for painting on; you can also make them into stepping stones to run painted feet over or make all the planets to hang on the garden clothes line as a solar system.


5. Learn to cook

Most children love to cook and the thing about getting little ones in the kitchen is that they then WANT to eat their creations and need less cajoling. Pizzas are brilliant as you can either buy bases or make your own dough before decorating them with lots of healthy toppings including vegetables that they wouldn’t normally eat! A pizza with a face created by their own little hands is so much more inviting than a spag-bol made by Mum…

6. Go to the cinema

A trip to the cinema doesn’t have to cost the earth – most cinemas have special kids screenings where tickets cost under £2 and they even have cheap popcorn and drinks combos meaning a family of four could make a day of it for close to a tenner. Check the website of your local cinema to find out when they’re doing it.

7. Building day

Kids love to build sandcastles so if the sun is shining why not get to the nearest beach and have a building day? You could set challenges and ask them to create boats, houses, mermaids or even Spider Man in the sand. But of course this is Great Britain so if it rains staying in and building a fort in the front room can be just as much fun.


8. Themed day

We often save themes for birthday parties but why not do one for your family? Choose stories, crafts, films and party games to compliment and have lots of fun with party food you can make yourself. Pirate, Princess, Under the Sea themed, whatever takes your fancy.

9. Go on a ‘Bear hunt’

‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’! A classic children’s book brought to life in your own back garden could be just the ticket to a happy day filled with laughter. Prepare the garden with drawn, teddy or sweetie bears and write clues for them to discover each one. Finish the whole thing off with a teddy bear’s picnic and you’ll be a super star parent in your little ones eyes. If you’ve got a big enough garden then why not invite some friends over but don’t forget to ask them to bring a bear!


10. Board game marathon

If you still haven’t found something that fills up the days for free then you may just need to look no further than the toy box. A board game marathon could be just the thing for a rainy day, making for some wonderful family time and keeping everyone (including the grown-ups) well entertained.

So there you have it – ten pocket-friendly ways to make the most of the Bank Holiday with your little ones. If you’ve thought of more why not tell us on our Facebook page?



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