14 amazing marriage proposals to make your heart sing this Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, which means lovers everywhere will be dreaming up ways of showing their partners how much they love them.

But of course, there is no greater act of love than a wedding proposal. When they’re done well, these magical moments make even the most cold-hearted amongst us want to cry with joy.

And since this year is a leap year, the girls are going to get their chanc     e too – as the roles are traditionally reversed on the extra day at the end of February.

So in honour of Valentine’s Day on this special year, we’ve put together some inspiration in the form of these – the most heart-meltingly awesome marriage proposals ever.

1. Isaac’s proposal
This stuff isn’t easy. The weight of expectation hangs heavy on the shoulders of anyone who musters up the courage to ask their other half to spend the rest of their life with them.
So well done then, Isaac. The man who shot to internet stardom when he roped all of his family and friends into filming this incredible lip-sync proposal video.

It’s worth watching more than once.

2. The man who stopped the traffic
Thinking up something original to do for your proposal can be difficult. But Vidal Valladares-Navas certainly managed it when he stopped hundreds of angry motorists on one of the busiest highways in the USA to pop the question.
He did end up getting himself arrested, though, so perhaps the idea wasn’t that all that great after all.

3. The best flashmob ever
Remember flashmobs? Whatever happened to flashmobs? Perhaps everyone else gave up after they saw this one. Yes, it may be a whopping ten minutes long, but young Francisco Jesus put on possibly the greatest dancing flashmob ever when he proposed to girlfriend Ana Rita-Cruz in Oxford.

4. The man who roped in some cheerleaders
Doing a proposal in the middle of a sports arena is always going to be a risky move, as the prospective groom is in for the ultimate embarrassment if he gets turned down.
Fortunately, this man was successful and his big moment went off without a hitch.

5. The scuba proposal
What do you do when everyone has already taken all of the on-land proposal ideas? Well, it’s either underwater or space. And underwater is easier.

6. Disneyland proposal
Nobody does a good old love story like Disney – which is why Disneyland was the absolute perfect setting for this incredible choreographed musical proposal.
It’s just like the movies. Sort of.

7. The time Kanye proposed to Kim
No one does romance like celebrities. If by romance you mean prohibitively expensive, overblown wedding proposals, that is.

When US rapper Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian he hired a baseball stadium, pyrotechnics and a full symphony orchestra.

We can only imagine how much he spent on the ring.

8. The sunshine after the rain
It might have been raining over the rockies, but this cloud had one hell of a silver lining for the lucky weather girl who was proposed to live on TV.

The pair are sure to have plenty of sunny days ahead of them.

9. The soldier who proposed live via video link from Iraq
A war in the middle east and the Atlantic ocean couldn’t stop US Army Corporal Jerry Davenport from proposing to the ‘love of his life’ Jennifer Klepper. And to top it all off, he had the video link projected into the biggest engagement ring shop on Earth.

10. That Girl
It must take a lot of nerve proposing in front of not just one of the world’s most famous pop stars, but also the thousands of people that have come to see him perform.

Loved-up Josh Clemons would have been hoping his Senorita didn’t cry him a river when he popped the big question.

Fortunately, That Girl was Lovin It.

11. Come Fly With Me
Cruel? Maybe. Terrifying? Definitely. Successful? Actually, yes. But this method certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted.

12. The writing is on the wall
This is a lovely, creative way to propose. Obviously anyone going for this kind of idea would need the requisite artistic skills. Otherwise they’d probably just make a mess.

13. The Nintendo Generation
Yes, this man actually managed to hack a computer game to insert a “Will you marry me?” message into one of the levels. Seriously.

14. The magic of Valentine’s
Love really is magical – and this final proposal proves it.

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