13 things to do with the kids that won’t break the bank

It’s Money-Saving May here on Beagle Street, so here dad blogger Tom Briggs takes a look at some cheaper options when it comes to taking your youngsters out and about.

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The summer holidays will be here before you know it and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be completely unprepared by the time the agonisingly long six-week break is upon us.

Well not this year!

I’m getting prepared well in advance and planning activities to keep my kids occupied. Of course, it can be an expensive business but there are plenty of things that you can do with your children for little or no investment.

Here are a few of the things we’ll be getting up to…

1. Geocaching
What’s not to like about this activity? It’s a free treasure hunt that gets kids out in the fresh air and using an app too – and any parent will tell you how much children love using those! We’ve been meaning to try this for ages as it sounds great fun and there are over 9,000 geocaches in the area we live in, so we won’t be short of adventures.


2. Money-friendly movies
For rainy days – it’s British summertime we’re talking about after all – why take children to the cinema or buy or hire DVDs from well-known services when you can hire them for much less from your local library? Get plenty of books while you’re there too as they’re free to borrow!


3. Day at the museum
There are several museums that cost nothing to get in and boast a wealth of displays that will inspire children. I took my kids to the Natural History Museum last year as we were in London for the day and I wanted to make the most of what we’d spent on the train tickets!


4. Get crafty
Kids love making things and the materials don’t have to cost anything as you’ll probably have them in your house. Turn old socks into puppets, plastic bottles into rockets and boxes into superheroes’ hideouts. Short on ideas? One word: Pinterest!


5. Town trails
A large number of towns and cities have dedicated trails you can walk around while learning about the local history. One of my favourites as a child was the York Cat Trail – there are several cat statues dotted around the city. I’m looking forward to taking my kids on it one day too.


6. Baking
I’ve yet to hear of a child who doesn’t enjoy baking – or enjoy eating the finished products afterwards, anyway! It’s likely that you’ll already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen so you shouldn’t need to spend more than a couple of quid.


7. Into the woods
If you live near enough, a day at the woods is always worth considering. If your kids are still young, tell them you’re looking for the Gruffalo! Just in case he’s on holiday though, take a checklist of things to spot while you’re there.


8. Watching sport
I’ve tried to avoid screen-based entertainment as much as possible here but, realistically, I will be watching Euro 2016 and the Olympics so the kids will see them too. I will, however, be using them as an opportunity to teach them what I know about different countries and cultures. There, I’ve justified it to myself!

iStock_000082187631_Double-min-min (1)

9. Playing sport
You can’t include watching sport in a list of activities and not include getting involved yourself, so we’ll be enjoying a few games in the garden over the summer months. There’ll be some classic jumpers for goalposts as well as games like tennis and cricket to help with their hand-eye co-ordination.

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10. Plant some seeds
Take your children to a garden centre to choose some seeds – and go and see the fish while you’re there; it’s much cheaper than an aquarium! Help them plant the seeds at the start of the holiday and check on them regularly. They’ll love watching their handiwork grow!


11. Park life
Heading down to your local park or recreation ground should suitably tire the children out and is a great way of making the most of a sunny day. Take a picnic to avoid the temptation of spending over the odds in any nearby cafés.


12. On your bike
We’re lucky enough to have a safe cycle route near where we live, so we’ll be taking the boys out on their bikes and scooters as much as possible. There are hundreds of similar trails throughout the UK.

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13. Check local listings
There are likely to be a fair few free events near you during the holidays so it’s well worth looking them up. From readings at libraries to sporting events at recreation grounds as well as the odd free entry day at attractions that otherwise cost money.


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Tom Briggs is a proud dad of two sons and a baby daughter as well as an award-winning parent blogger. You can read more of his posts at www.diaryofthedad.co.uk

*average across 12 providers, Independent prices as published MoneyFacts September 2015. Figures based on 20-45 year olds, smoker and non- smoker, £100k level or decreasing term, for 25 and 30 years

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