11 Irrational fears that are actually surprisingly common

Have you got any irrational fears? The chances are you have – most of us have at least one.

Resized 13Jeremy the Beagle – most worrisome dog ever and star of our new TV ads, has loads – including trousers, hoovers and potatoes.

It’s unlikely you’ll share any of those (though not impossible) – but there are a few more utterly unexplainable phobias that are far more common. Here is a run down of the biggest.

1. Ophidiophobia – fear of SNAKES

They could come from anywhere! Under doors, up the toilet, in the grass. This is probably one of the most reasonable phobias on this list.

2. Turophobia – fear of CHEESE

Lancashire a traditional English cheese from the county of Lancashire

Yes, it’s a real phobia. And people who have it really know about it. What is it about cheese that sets Turophobics off? Who knows. It could be the preserve’s fatty texture, its pallid yellow hue, or the pungent, meaty whiff. Whatever it is, it can’t brie very nice.

3. Coulrophobia – fear of CLOWNS

One of the all-time classic phobias, some people have real trouble dealing with clowns. The make-up, the laugh, and the weird ability to spin plates while juggling and walking on a giant beach ball all combine to make a clown act one of the most terrifyingly surreal experiences out there.

Think about it: if you’d never seen a clown before, what would you think of them?

4. Ornithophobia – fear of BIRDS
Anyone who has seen Hitchcock’s classic horror movie The Birds will understand this one. The flying, flapping, cawing balls of feathers certainly wouldn’t be much fun to take on if they somehow communicated with each other and set up a kind of coordinated attack. Fortunately they can’t and won’t, so we’re all safe.

…for now.

5. Trypophobia- fear of HOLES
Bit of an odd one, this. It’s not big holes you could actually fall down that trypophobics are afraid of, it’s tiny little ones. Think crumpets, sponges and honeycomb.

Crepes for breakfast, anyone? #trypophobia A photo posted by Trypophobia (@trypophobia) on

Just don’t Google the term trypophobia – there’s some really strange stuff out there.

6. Koumpounophobia – fear of BUTTONS

A photo posted by Hook and Furl (@hookandfurl) on

Many people mistakenly believe NASA invented Velcro for use on the Apollo missions. It was actually made by a Swiss man named George de Mestral in 1948. And legend has it that if you’d stood silently on a particular beauty spot in the Swiss Alps on the very day that he filed that historic patent, you’d have been able to hear the sound of a million koumpounophobics cheering with delight. They’d never have to use a button again.

7. Philophobia
Fear of falling in LOVE Probably one of the saddest phobias out there, a surprising number of people are genuinely terrified by the emotions involved in falling in love. It is usually caused by bad experiences or religious/cultural pressure.

8. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
Fear of LONG WORDS No, we’re not kidding. This is for real.

9. Pyrophobia
Fear of FIRE It is perfectly reasonable to be wary of fire. After all, one is likely to get burnt when playing with it. But a pyrophobic’s fear goes much deeper than that. It’s way beyond what is considered normal and is thought to have been around since prehistoric humans first discovered how to burn things.

10. Taphophobia – fear of being BURIED ALIVE
This one would obviously be awful, but not inescapable. Remember Kill Bill? If not *spoiler alert* there is a scene where the main character punches her way out of a buried coffin. So just a few years of samurai training required to cure this one, then.

A photo posted by Paul Williams (@gpwills9587) on

11. Trouserphobia – fear of TROUSERS

OK, so we made this one up. Technically there is no name for poor Jeremy’s affliction. But it’s real and he has it and now it has a name.

Resized 9

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