11 heroic mums that will make you want to break out into wild applause

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Here at Beagle Street, we know mums are all heroes. Just keeping a modern family functioning on a day-to-day basis requires hundreds of little acts of heroism – many of which go unappreciated!

Some mums, though, find themselves in extraordinary situations that require extraordinary measures.

So here we take the time to salute 11 incredible acts of maternal heroism.

1. Super-strength mums
We’ve all heard rumours about desperate mums finding they have super strength when put into desperate situations. Well it turns out they might well have been true.

They certainly were in the cases of Donna McNamee and Abigail Sicolo, who managed to summon the muscle to lift a one-ton Renault Clio off a trapped schoolboy.

2. Super bedtime skills
All mums know that getting just one toddler ready for bed at night can be a nightmarish challenge. Spare a thought, then, for this ‘super-mum’ who successfully manages to do it with four rowdy little ones in a video that went viral recently.

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Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, 4 February 2016


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3. Super charitable mum
Many mums will take part in the odd charity campaign for a cause close to their hearts – but Sarah Bushnell, from Leeds, took the idea 11 steps further when she committed to doing a whopping 12 fundraisers in one year.

The 29-year-old’s tasks, done in aid of St Gemma’s Hospice in Moortown, Leeds, will be carried out through the course of 2016, and include a 10k walk, a fun run, a sponsored dog walk and a giant inflatable obstacle course.

4. Super brave mum
It’s hard to imagine anything more terrifying than having your car approached by two armed criminals. Unless, of course, it is having your kids trapped in the car at the time.

That’s exactly what happened to hero mum Angie Padron, who, incredibly, managed to fight off two armed raiders when she was ambushed at a petrol station in Florida.

5. Quick thinking mum
Mum of three Cheryl Tredway had to think fast when her drug-addicted boyfriend held her hostage.

The man, Ethan Nickerson, refused to let her leave his sight, or even make any phone calls, but the quick-witted mother did succeed in convincing him to let her use a phone app to order pizza.

When placing the order, she attached the message “Please help. Get 911 to me” on the receipt. The pizza restaurant duly responded and police were sent to the address.

6. Fast acting mum
Is there an act of bravery more impressive than rescuing an entire family from a burning building? American mother Morgan Stone managed it when she and her five children were trapped in their Indiana house as it went up in flames in late 2014.

Fortunately, Morgan’s heroic actions meant the inferno claimed only possessions and no lives.

7. Not even afraid of BEARS mum
When a black bear approached two 6-year-old children in Missoula, Canada, they were probably hoping for a police officer or soldier to come and save them.

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There was no need though, as local woman and mother Candace Gama was on hand to drive in-between the youngsters and the advancing beast and drag them into her motor by their rucksacks.

Gama’s own 5-year-old daughter, Allison, hailed her mum as a hero.

8. Travelling mum
Maternity leave is usually used by new mums to recuperate after an exhausting pregnancy, and to bond with their new tot.

But 31-year-old nurse Karen Edwards clearly saw it as an opportunity to do something a bit different – when she decided to take her new-born baby on an incredible ten-month round-the-world holiday.

Karen, her partner Shaun, and tiny Esmé document their extraordinary travels on Instagram.

9. Creative mum
Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that count. And this mum who created a repository for crayons so disadvantaged kids could have access to a creative outlet is as charming as it is simple. Bravo!

10. Blogger mum


The time when mums truly do become heroes is, of course, when their little ones are ill.

When Karen Attwood’s daughter Yasmin was diagnosed with leukaemia, just six weeks after son Isaac was born, she started a blog about her heart-wrenching journey.

Thankfully, Yasmin has since finished all her treatment and is doing well. And the blog – which has the main purpose of raising awareness of childhood leukaemia – has helped mum Karen to raise over £30,000 for Great Ormond Street hospital.

11. Wheely great mum
Who says being a hero can’t be fun? Certainly not Cassie McLelland. Cassie’s son Caleb has Spina Bifida, a spinal birth defect which means he’s confined to a wheelchair.

But hero mum Cassie saw his condition as a challenge, and went about creating the coolest wheelchair costumes ever on her blog.

Young Caleb has since had his chair refashioned into an incredible array of different vehicles.

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