The 11 Coolest Celebrity Mums


By Beci Wood, showbiz journalist and new mum

No one is better than your own mum. Fact. But when it comes to celebrity mothers there are many who seem to be doing a particularly cool job, all while combining demanding careers such as athletics or the life of an international pop star. Here are 11 star mums who get our vote.

1. Gwen Stefani – still rockin’ it

No Doubt about it, singer Gwen rocks in at number one on our list because she makes everything look so effortless. Never one to conform to the norm, I love the fact Gwen isn’t afraid to take risks and has wowed us over the years with her punky dress sense. Her edgy style is already rubbing off on her sons Kingston, Zuma and Apollo, who often look like they’ve just walked off stage themselves. Gwen also showed what a great personality she has on her stint on the US series of The Voice. Despite her hectic career, Gwen is frequently seen taking her kids out on play dates. What a woman.

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2. Jessica Ennis-Hill – mum of steel

A gold medal-winning mum, enough said. Tough girl Jessica completed the comeback of all comebacks last August by securing top spot in the heptathlon at the World Championships – just 13 months after having her son Reggie. Having a parent with such incredible motivation and dedication (have you seen that six-pack?) is great inspiration. We now have to see if she can defend her Olympic title in Rio this summer.

3. Kate Moss – style queen

Is there a mother who looks better in skinny jeans? Probably not. Lila Grace must love having Britain’s biggest fashion icon to turn to for style advice. Plus it must be pretty cool knowing mum has all those top designers on speed dial. Kate also doesn’t let motherhood get in the way of her love of partying and is an active member of the trendy Primrose Hill set. But the 13-year-old doesn’t seem to share the same opinion, and has even called her supermodel mum’s antics ‘embarrassing’.

4. Beyonce – She’s fierce

Four-year-old Blue Ivy watched on proudly as her mum stole the show at the Super Bowl. Strutting her stuff alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars, Beyonce reminded the 115.5million people who tuned in that she’s one seriously talented mum who can still rock a leotard.

5. The Duchess of Cambridge – Keeping things real

She might be royalty but Kate seems determined to give Prince George and Princess Charlotte as normal an upbringing as possible. The family have moved out to Norfolk to try and give the children some privacy and despite having access to all the help she desires, Kate is keen to be a hands-on mum who allegedly even likes to load the dishwasher! Mums around the world (like me) could empathise when Kate was spotted with dark circles around her eyes, as we know all about those sleepless nights.

6. Madonna – Queen of advice

The Queen of Pop is not only a great mum, but also a great friend to her children. When her eldest daughter Lourdes went off to University, Madge offered some refreshingly honest advice: “Try to do everything in moderation, try not to kill all your brain cells and try to go to class.”

7. Jennifer Garner – Playground buddy

Not only does Jen take her kids to the park, she loves to get involved on the slides and swings too. Seraphina, Violet and Samuel must love having a mum eager to play along with them. The Hollywood actress is also a fitness fan and is keen for her children to follow her happy and healthy outlook by enjoying the great outdoors.

8. Amy Poehler – Comedy genius

She famously played Lindsey Lohan’s ‘cool mum’ in 2004 film Mean Girls but that might not actually be too far from reality. Playtime for sons Abel and Archie must be a load of fun with one of the best comediennes in the world to call mum. Everything the Saturday Night Live star does turns to gold so I’m guessing that extends into her family life.

9. Adele – Bond girl

Being associated with James Bond is a cool feat indeed. Combine that with a ridiculously successful record-breaking career and it must be pretty cool to have Adele as your mum. The star’s three-year-old son Angelo is probably still too young to understand but he’s got that all to come. I also love that away from the stage, Adele is a normal mum, who dresses down and admits things can be tough.

10. Emma Willis – Quifftastic

Winner of our coolest mum haircut, Emma pulls off a quiff with such aplomb. Currently the darling of British TV, the presenter sets a great example to her children Isabelle and Ace with her work ethic. She’s currently heavily pregnant with her third child but it didn’t stop Emma’s presenting duties on the recent series of Celebrity Big Brother.

11. Edith Bowman – Glastonbury guru

She likes nothing better than taking her kids with her to music festivals, which must be a pretty cool upbringing for young sons Rudy and Spike. Edith’s husband is Editors frontman Tom Smith so I’ll bet the music’s always blazing. The result? A pretty fun household to be around.

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